Jobs in SW Ohio?

I hate to ask this-

Is anyone aware of available jobs in the SW Ohio area? The company that my wife and I work at has been bought out, and they have decided to move the production to Rhode Island. So, we have until October 1st when the doors close. I have to give them credit, they did have a job fair for us, but we’ve had no responses to our resumes. Luckily we live between Dayton and Cincy, so our job market is large, but still no luck yet. If anyone has any leads, I would be MOST grateful (but not grateful enough to do that, you perv) Thanks, and wish us luck.


Leave the area. If its your home area, sorry, but that area of the US is horrible.
Life is much better on the East coast, and prob the West coast as well.

That was uncalled for.

I’m not trying to be mean at all. I understand it can hurt when someone criticizes where you grew up. I’m from NYC, which is the definition of a love/hate city. Nobody’s in-between on NYC, you either love it or hate it.

I’ve read and heard every criticism you could make of it (and that’s not counting the Yankees!)
I understand that and don’t take offense.

Personally, I’m sick of it and regret having moved back - from Cincinnati BTW.

I lived there 6 months and saw no upside at all in staying in the SW OH area: economically, socially or quality of life.

Sorry to have upset you. I am being honest though and won’t apologize for saying what I truly feel thru personal experience.

[quote]Highwaystar1 wrote:
That was uncalled for.[/quote]

I must agree. :o)

Well SW Ohio isn’t the happiest place on Earth, but hey, it could be worse. We don’t have severe earthquakes, wild fires, mudslides, hurricanes or crazy blizzards. Crime isn’t that bad, in general, OTR is kinda scary I’ll say. Cost of living is okay, $1.65 for gas today, beats most of the rest of the country. I guess the job market could be better (hence the reason for the post in the first place!), but I think that’s true all over the nation right now. Besides Ohio’s got some cool things about it. R&R Hall of Fame. Great rollercoasters, including the only looping wooden one. Air & Space Museum. Most hearses were built in Ohio, five or six different companies. Birthplace of seven presidents, I think. Big name astronauts came from here. Home to Hell City Tattoo Fest, one of the best in the nation! Waynesville is one of the most haunted cities in the midwest. Okay, some of those may be kind of lame, but hey, it’s something! Besides, home is where you make it.

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