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Jobs and Results

Lets start a thread about what we do in our daily jobs and how it helps or hinders our results to our goals we are trying to achieve.

I work on a vinyl siding/gutter crew. Anyone else do the same? I am the cut man (aka the goffer). I move around tons in a everyday always walked picking up ladders and walkboards. My goal for now is to build muscle and i believe this jobs has it benefits and its negatives.

Im glad I’m only a college student who dont plan to do this the rest of my life, but its a good job especially for someone who’s goal is fatloss.

What do some of you other guys/gals do?

I (a college student) used to work in the garden center at a home improvement store. I walked a LOT each day. I also lifted (light stuff, 70lbs max probably) quite often throughout the day.

I thought that all the walking would be great cardio. Turns out it didn’t make a difference at all.

I’m Hack Wilson’s accountant and PR man.

I’m sure you can imagine my work and stress load.

About a month ago I started a job as a commercial refrigeration tech. We have been doing a gigantic new installation job for a warehouse/wholesale outlet.

We have been installing the copper lines that vary in diameter from 1/2 inch to 2&5/8 (o.d.)@ 20 ft. lengths in to the uni-strut racks that hang from the trusses. Tons of overhead lifting and moving of the lines has been very good for the shoulders.

Ceiling mounting the evaporators of the cold rooms has been a lot of wrenching and good for the wrists.

Cranking out 10 to 12 hour days has inhibited lifting, down to twice a week, but I have managed to put on five lbs. of solid gains in the past month.

A couple of heavy labor jobs that I’ve had combined with lifting were over the top though. Even at 5-6 thousand calories a day, I was chronicaly fatigued and could hardly gain an ounce.

I work data support for the largest US wireless carrier. I sit in a cubicle for 10 hours a day (soon to be eight) in front of a computer. I can feel the effects of inactivity.

when i was doing more active work, such as working in a garden centre, pulling skids and stuff, it kept me in much better shape. there are so many obese people that i work with, it’s hard to believe. And i don’t mean just overweight, but seriously obese.

but work doesn’t help them much…sitting down all day, we have a row of vending machines in the cafeteria, we have cake days, popcorn days, cookies and hot chocolate day around christmas…

I am an assistant manager of a department store.

I walk around and am on my feet all day (especially this time of year with the holidays), which is good, because I don’t sit down much, but it is just walking and not really lifting anything heavy.

It really hinders my time in the gym, because the hours of retail are so up and down, I don’t have a consistent time or day to go to the gym. Lately, I’ve been getting home well past midnight, and have to be at work early the next day. Hopefully after holiday season is over it will get better.

I drill a hole in a 4000 Lb. steel bar, move 250 lb cores around and shovel 1000 lbs of metal chips for 12 hrs, all while trying to keep the bar under tolerance.

I still do not know what I want to be when i grow up.

I’m an environmental scientist although I sure as hell don’t feel like one considering I spend the majority of my day in front of a computer in a cubicle. Believe it or not though, all those hours in front of a computer actually charge my workouts. I’m usually feeling so cagey by the end of the day that I hit the gym running.

I manage a large wholesale plant nursery in Maryland. I am responsible for 10-40 hispanics workers, and around 2-3 other managers…depending on the time of year. I pretty much run the place year round, as the owner only takes part in the ordering/buying process. I speak Spanish, for the most part, all day. I work between 50-70 hours, again depending on the time of year. My job duties range from pencil pushing to extreme physical labor, every day is different. I have a complete arsenal of heavy machinery at my disposal, from large front end loaders, to dozers, to earth movers and dump trucks. Sometimes, I have to drive large relocation trucks from farm to farm, so I have a liscense to drive large trucks as well.

I have always been in this line of work…plants. From managing a large garden center, to managing a landscape company and now managing a large wholesale nursery…I have done it all in this field, besides the science end. I walk roughly 10-12 miles every day, sometimes sprinting, with 10" steel toes on, whenever I can. I lift something here daily, ranging from wood, to boxes of nails, trash, and up to over 200lbs this time of year, picking up boxes of plastic to put in the back of my truck.

Due to the fact that I run this place, I am able to maintain strict meal timing, every 3 hours. I also have everything I need for my meals and snacks, complete clean foods, here at work, so all of my meals are put together and comsumed right here. I am at the gym at least 6 days a week, lifting 3-4 and doing cardio on the others. During the Spring, it gets rough…but i still manage to keep up with my gym time, my “home” time suffers some…but my wife just keeps my daughters up late on those nights, so i still get my time with them…I have twin 2.5 year old daughters.

I wouldn’t change a thing.

I develop multimedia for a software company. I sit at a desk using a computer all day. I have the chance to walk around some, drink alot of water, do a little research, and eat at regular intervals.

How does it help me reach my goals? It pays the bills so I have a garage to train in, weights to train with, a place to sleep, and food to eat.

I work in the child center at a large gym. I love it! Except that I just developed strep throat from one of the little germ-incubators. Lovely.

Results: I had to change the time of day that I work out. I started going at 6 AM so I could workout, shower, and be ready for my shift at 8 AM. It gets my day started off right and I feel good!

The downside of my job is being exposed to so much illness and not having at least 1 weekend night to go out w/ family and friends. Also, I don’t always get to eat when I need to. I prepare alot of protein shakes and convince my supervisor to let me run to the break room for 2 minutes so I can throw back a shake.

My dad is a vinyl siding installer. He’s 58 and has been doing it for twenty years. His joints hurt constantly, partly do to his age and also from the constant hammering and such. He takes glucosamin/chondroitin and also does some very light bench presses to loosen up his shoulders. Works great for him.