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Jobless Sue for Discrimination?


Sure, whatever you want to call it. The fact is, people are jobless because there aren't enough jobs for all of the people in existance in America today. Many companies actually elimited jobs quite a few years ago, in the name of saving themselves money (a very valid reason. lol). Conversely, the markey was made to look like there was more demand for goods which resulted in jobs than there actually was. The point is, these people are basically unneeded. Should we just shoot them because they are no longer needed?

The economic theory is that there will always be new fields and places to put these people. How can that be possible if society is becoming more efficient at every step of it's processes? It's more likely that we have reached a place where we honestly don't need as many people as there are. So I repeat my question: should we just kill off these unneeded people? Let them mooch off of the others for their entire lives? Should we send them out of the country? What's the solution?


Ah ok. Then I think we should go with the government's sunlight powered perpetual motion job creation machine. We'll need to collect the 2-3 hundred million body thetans that's required to get the machine started.


Which makes me wonder: If we live in such an imperfect world where there is always work to be done to help improve it how can anyone be unemployed except by their own free will?

There must be something preventing entrepreneurs from bringing jobs into existence in the first place.

Is it because of a lack of capital, market distortions, or maybe too much regulation?


Ooo ooo oooo!!!! I know the answer to this!!!! Please refer to my "how to get rid of jobless people" thread.