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Jobless Sue for Discrimination?



Seriously, what's wrong with our President?


He's actually Wesley Mouch.

EDIT: Actually, not Mouch. Thompson.


Wow. I should go collect my max unemployment benefits, THEN go screw up an interview at McDonalds and sue them. Figures a Lawyer with Zero business experience does nothing to mitigate the already absurd amount of tort law in this country while providing absolutely no economic benefit to anyone. clown.

And for what it is worth I was unemployed for 6 months. I took a job that was 80 miles round trip and paid less than 30k a year. Then i continued to apply for jobs after that. Eventually, things got better.


lol wtf. if this goes through and I'm a hiring manager, resumes of those who are unemployed are going straight into the waste basket.


You should look for injured veterans who have been unemployed for ~5 months to interview. Hire them at the 6 month mark and lay them off after 6 months. You will be making a profit even if they do nothing. you could even tell them they can work from home or something similar where you wouldn't need to supply them with any capital, etc...


Yeah that's what I thought. This could actually massively backfire and result in unemployed people finding it even harder to get jobs.


No "Could" about it. When you create moral hazard there is ALWAYS unintended consequences. The laws of supply and demand don't change just because the price isn't in terms of dollars but in terms of risk of a law suit instead.


And, then you get sued and fired. Or, you can say that they weren't hired for lack of experience in a specific field.


Or, my favorite...didn't fit the company environment.


exactly. if I never interview them based on the fact that I have other candidates with better looking resumes (those aren't controlled documents so can be modified at will if shtf) they can't do jack shit.


Wait, what's this? "The provision would ban employment ads that explicitly declare the unemployed ineligible, with phrases like "Jobless need not apply." As The Lookout has reported, such ads appear to have proliferated in recent years, prompting an inquiry by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission."

Do you not find that concerning?


I find it concerning that Federal regulations and the FED have made so many people unemployable.


Find what concerning? I want to hire the recently experienced. You now say I can't. So I have to hire the jobless. The other guy, the one I wanted to hire, doesn't leave his position with the other company. His position doesn't come open. They don't look to hire for his vacancy. This is window dressing, intrusive, bull dung. Let them sue Obama. Maybe, in his desperation, he'll find all those shovel ready jobs.


So then the only way to reduce unemployment would be to create more jobs.


no shit.


Do you mean by divine intervention?
Some sunlight into jobs alchemical perpetual motion machine?


there are some jobs that government can create, and I'm not talking some bullshit tree-hugger committee of some sort. for example - states bordering mexico are being overflown by illegals.
so how about adding money to border patrol budget to hire more ppl there instead of bailing out failed "green" companies like Solyndra.
just a primitive example of course. generally more jobs are created when the climate is business-friendly tax- and legislation - wise. this is not the case with the current administration, this thread is just an example of that.


Why don't we close up shop on the military-industrial complex? I'm sure the trillion dollars we save in tax money, businesses can do well with to "create" new jobs that actually make someone something worth buying.


investment into US military complex is investment into maintaining USD's status of a "world currency". that status is one of the major reasons why you're paying less for most consumer goods than people in countries where per capita income is a fraction of US'.


And that is a distortion of the market that disguises true prices and causes misallocation of resources. The long term result is credit binge and import/service economies, such as what we have now. While it may raise the standard of living in the short term, it stifles it in the long term.