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Job Stress & Traveling

Looking for advice from T-men on maintaining your workouts & sound nutrition while dealing with excessive stress and traveling as a result of your job. Also, I’m 43 years old and find it a real challenge to manage my recovery.

P.S. Anyone considering a job in the automotive industry needs to seriously consider the impact on your health & life style.

I travel about 1 1/2 hours each way for work, and since my gym isn’t open early enough to go before work, I ended up joining a second gym near work, along with the extra expense so that I don’t miss a workout on days that I work late.

I am seeing very bad signs at work that makes me believe that I’ll be made redundant in the next month or two.

Did I panic? Nah, honestly the first thought that went through my mind upon this realisation was “At least I can workout when I want to”. I can drop a gym membership, use my bike for transport and not pay for a car. My body and mind will love it. What a lifestyle!

I’ve been having recurring thoughts about work and lifestyle lately that seem similar to building muscle and dropping fat at the same time. While it can be done, it’s not very effective and progress is very slow. If you focus on just one goal you can be very effective. With that in mind I am at the closing stages of negotiating a job that needs only 2 days per week that can maintain my lifestlye if I remove the expenses that are necessary only for the current job. Why didn’t I do this years ago?