Job Offer

When I was changing in the locker room at the gym today I got on the scale and it was fucked up as usual…it said I was 204. Bullshit.

SO I went out in the main floor where all the machines and PT offices are and I knocked on the door and asked the lady at the desk if I could use the scale in there. Of course she didn’t say no and I weighed myself…187. That’s more like it. As I stepped off the scale she introduced herself as “Rosangela.” I had never met this woman before but I have heard her name over the intercom a few times. She told me that she was the head of the personal training division for all the Bally’s Total Fitness’s in the area and that she saw me squatting in the rack yesterday when she was training someone.

She asked me my name and she told me I had great form on squats and that a lot of the personal trainers (here) don’t squat that well nor know how to teach any of the powerlifts. She asked me if I had been training for a long time and if I had any background with training people. I told her that I’ve been weight trainig for almost 5 years (I’m 20 now) I told her that I trained in St. Pete for almost 2 years and that I had trained with a team and competed in a bunch of places around the country for national level powerlifting meets.

I did sugarcoat that a little making it seem like a bigger deal than it really was but it really impressed her and then she asked me if I was interested in training people here at the gym I train at. She also told me that she had been looking for someone that knew strength training and conditioning and nutrition also. I told her that even though I didn’t have a certification, I felt knowlegdable enough to put a lot of people in the right direction.

She really liked that and she offered me a job to be a personal trainer at the Bally’s I already workout at.

Cool thing is that I have a shitty job now as a busser that gives me a good schedule. I’m taking next semester off and hope this will make a better fulltime job than bussing at a resturant.

Has anyone here been a personal trainer at a commercial gym? Do they make decent money. Is there a lot of hassle?

you need to be asking her about the money. go for the interview or whatever, but don’t finalize your acceptance of the job until you’re fairly confident you can anticipate what you’ll be earning.

nobody can answer this question but the lady and the personal trainers who actually work there. pay sclaes vary from gym to gym, as does business and type of clientele. then your work ethic comes into play. how well can you this job part-time?

this is not the place to get the information you need.