Job Interviews

I just finished an interview for a new part time job at the Diesel store opening in Portland - I haven’t interviewed in a year, and forgot how godamn stressful it can be!

Plus, I had to wait for 4 hours to get called (it was a cattle call interview, there were at least 100 applicants there)

But, I rocked it. Hope to get that second interview call soon.

Any good interview stories?

rum can I call u for discounts?

if u get the job?

Most interesting interview for me was when I applied for a court clerk position in my small hometown. The 2nd interview round was with the judge. He asked me if I was married, how long I planned to live in the area, when I was planning to have children or was I currently pregnant…I always thought a couple of these questions couldn’t be asked? Oh well, I got the job, hated it and quit within 3 months.

My interviewer asked, as his last question, “where is good place to get a drink around here”

i found that funny

fitone - sorry, no discount, but if i get the job you can come and shop and i’ll help you out, swear!

btw, never seen so many attractive women and gay men in one room, since the showing of midnight cowboy at the vic. jeez. one reason i think i did well was because there were very few straight, athletic types there.

Punkin- Legally, they should not have asked you any of those questions. Geez, you would think a Judge would know that.

Teela, that is why the judge asked em… Some judges, due to both the system by which they rise to their jobs, and their position in them, really feel they don’t have to be as strict about the law as the rest of society.

Take a gander (if you can find them) at some of their “side jobs” and you will see. Small cities it’s not quite so bad on the money front, the power front though may be another story.

Real funny thing would be if a case came into that courtroom about a employee suing an employer for asking those types of questions… What would that judge rule?

That’s what I thought, but considering his coffee cup is generally filled with something other than coffee, especially if he’s in court, then I guess I got off pretty easy. Oh the joys of small town living.:slight_smile:

Yea, Anti, I guess you may be right. I am from a small town originally so I could see why they would think they can get away with it. I for one would not have put up with it.

I sent a resume to a Japanese record label cold. Week later they emailed me invited over for an interview - and paid for my flight! nailed it by the way.

had 12hrs on the flight to prepare for the interview- all in Japanese.


First person hired in Portland to the new Diesel store, opening September 7th.

Come and buy lots of things from me.


Rumbach, I thought you were a chef? BTW Or are you a just a good cook? Wasn’t it you who started that recipe thread? Sorry… Just thinking out loud. :slight_smile:

Damn, you must be a metro to have gotten hired there. :slight_smile:

Seriously, that is a good thing. They’re only going to hire people that make their clothes look good.

I was a “chef” in high school and through college (not a real chef, more like an experienced line cook)

Right now, I’m working as a busboy superhero as a part time job, leaving this job for Diesel in addition to my real job (I actually do have a real full time job with a salary and everything)

Student loans are a bitch, so I work 60 a week to kick their ass…