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Job Interviews for Caucasian Males?


At a huge end-of-year party at my wife's university, the department chair of another dept (a lib one) and I were chatting and she was lamenting the interview process --- how many they had to plough through, and so on. Being VERY un-PC, I asked: "So, did you interview any Caucasian males?" She colored immediately, looked around, and said, "No, as a matter of fact. Why do you ask?" My response was to simply ask: "Don't white males deserve an equal chance to work, especially if they earned a Phd and are the most qualified?"

After a bit of hem-haw, she finally said: "Many of our faculty are uncomfortable around young aggressive white males."

Epiphany!! So, it was then I realized that I may hire women and people of color if they are the most qualified (I have), but many of those very same people will later NOT hire white males who are the most qualified. To most women and people of color, white males make them uncomfortable and they don't want to work with them.

I now resolve that I WILL NOT hire women or people of color. Oh, I'll put up the requisite bullshit about non-discrimination and act all PC. How's that for un-PC turnabout-is-fair-play? But the PC police have done their job. Good job, cocksucking libs!


People should be able to hire whoever they want. If they exclude a significant portion of the population based on parameters that are not related to ability to do the job then their business will perform worse compared to people with more rational hiring policies.

Out of interest what subject area is this faculty? I refuse to believe any science faculty could survive if it excluded such a big percentage of it's potential talent.


Ignoring the fact that HH obviously fabricated the story just to start an argument, I agree with what you are saying when it comes to private companies.

In the cased of taxpayer funded positions on the other hand, I don't like the idea of being forced to contribute to paying the salaries of people hired under bullshit selection policies.


Great troll post HH.


Can someone come up with a Headhunter edition of Madlibs already?


Aren't you a HS math teacher or something?

What positions could you possibly be hiring people for? Volunteer softball coach?


My wife teaches science, while the department head I spoke to was in Sociology.

My wife has a memo in her dept from years ago where the number 1 criterion for a new hire is 'female'. In science!

Academia is going to hell in a hurry.


I'm department head in a math dept of 12, at a private school.


If it's true, then it's a fucked up story. But from what I can tell, young white males still have the best chance of getting hired anywhere.

Maybe she wasn't talking about white males so much as the shit kicking, tobacco chewing, web fingered inbred population of Ohio.


I went to University as a mature student, 30 years old. I took three sociology course from the same professor. At the end of each semestar he made the same statement. "If you are a white male, marry rich. It is the only way short of selfemploynent that you will get there".

In my opinion the only thing that should matter is whether they are the best qualified for the job. This also means that a white male with the best credentials may not be the most qualified. If he will be supervising all non whites and/or females he may not get the produtivity out of them that a non white or female supervisor would.

Personally I stopped giving a shit a long time ago. I go to work, do my very best and then go home. The rest of the bullshit is just that!


I'm actually one of the 200,000 who fled Jersey when the brilliant governor raised taxed through the roof. I imagine you keep voting for the criminal.


What's the male/female faculty (I don't mean administration and cleaning people) ratio in her department?


Awww, the poor white male! Can't get a job...can't get paid...they have to "marry rich" to get ahead...

... nevermind reality.


That I don't know, as that would include bio, physics, astronomy, zoology, and all the others. The white guys are mostly older while the more recent hires are black, female, or both. They prefer black females, I've noticed.

I truly hate prejudice but it seems that these university folks are just not getting rid of whitey's prejudicial past but establishing their own prejudice. I talk to some of my wife's colleagues and I simply can't imagine them hiring a white male (unless maybe he was flaming or something). Even in the hard sciences, its crap. Maybe at the elite universities its different. Prly not.


This is exactly the attitude. Most of these people wonder why a white male wants to work in academia. "Aren't you supposed to be out clearing a rainforest or strafing Afghani children?"
That's also why the number of white males attending college is plunging --- why bust your balls if it gets you nowhere?


So hard being a white man in America.


Man,it's very hard...I might have to go back to being black.


Which one?


I know man, preferential treatment from law enforcement, no one giving you dirty looks when you're in the rich part of town, general better treatment. Gosh darn it! They are trying to keep a brother down.


I think I'm gonna ride this white thing out a little longer. See where it gets me.