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Job Interview


So, I have a job interview on Thursday. It's for work at a kayak shop, not a law firm or anything...

What are your thoughts on being clean shaven?

I HATE the look and feel of being clean shaven. I have not shaved with a razor in over 3 months, and the only time I did before that was for a funeral.

I normally shave with a buzzer that gets me a shadow look.

Don't shave for the interview:
1. I HATE shaving.
2. I don't plan on shaving everyday AFTER the interview, so why give the impression that I will be.
3. I get really bad razor burn when I'm clean shaven.
4. My resume/references speak for themselves.
5. Again, like I said, it's a kayak shop...

Shave for the interview:
1. It's "what we're supposed to do."

Also, I'm planning on wearing jeans and a solid color T-shirt. Any thoughts?

(FWIW, the employees I saw working there were pretty damn casual.)


How badly do you need the job?

If it increases your chances even slightly I'd say go for it, if you need the job.


Don't shave. Like you said, it's a kayak shop, not a law firm. If anything, the unshaven look might make you look more "manly" and more of a nature kind of guy, which would help since you're going to be working (hopefully) at a kayak shop.

If you're wearing jeans and a T-shirt, I honestly don't see why you're worrying about being shaven or not.


Personally, neither me, nor my managers care whether the applicant is clean-shaven or not. What matters is that you look neat in appearance. I have a goatee and my director has a beard.

When it comes to clothing, I would AT LEAST wear a dress shirt and pants, that are clean and wrinkle free. First impressions make a difference. Also, just becaust the employees are casually dressed, doesn't mean that you can dress the same. You don't have the job yet, they do.

Along with retail experience, they are probably looking for someone with a good, outgoing personality, who's going to be able to fit in with the other people.

When i'm looking to fill a position, I look for personality first, then experience. I can teach you whatever you need to learn about your job, but, I can't teach you how to have a good personality.


I believe in looking as professional as possible regardless of the job. Id probably go clean shaven and wearing a dress shirt to an interview as a garbage collector.

One chance to make a first impression etc. you never know how close the decision might be and every little bit helps.

It may only be the difference between getting or not getting a job 1 in a million times. but still. If its the one job you wanted, the stats don't mean shit.


Exactly. It wouldn't hurt to shave, but it may hurt to go unshaven. It's all about how bad you need this job.

If I were you, I'd just shave, in a day or two you'll forget all about it and you'll have a job to show for it.


Agree, I think you really should wear a collar. Looking professional for an interview is a must regardless of the job in my opinion.


When you show up for a job interview, you should show as if you actually care about getting the job. Regardless on how the employees dress, you should be looking your best. Shave, and put on a nice pair of slacks and a collared shirt. A nice pair of brown or black dress shoes wouldn't hurt either.


p.s. Good luck!


As someone who works in a outdoor store/ kayak shop the shaving thing should not be a big deal. And if you already have a working knowledge of the type of boats they sell, and brands they carry that will help a lot in getting the job.


I don't think shaving or not would be a big deal in this case, so long as you look neat. Do NOT stroll in rocking slacker-stubble. Even if you don't shave it clean, trim it up nice and neat. If it's not long enough to trim into a neat looking beard, or whatever, shave it. Stubble is a no.

Second, I would wear slacks and a nice polo shirt at an absolute minimum, but probably more than that. Since it sounds like a laid-back kayak shop, I might just wear slacks, a dress shirt and tie, and a sport coat.

I don't think you can dress up too much for an interview, any interview. Show the manager that this job is important to you.

Walking in with jeans, a solid t-shirt, and a shaggy face says you don't really care that much about the job.

EDIT: Fixed the bolding.


I use to interview people when I use to be a retail manager.

Jeans and T-shirts generally send the message that the person doesn't give a shit about the job and is only there to earn a dollar. Not exactly great employee material. The first impression isn't as great, and they need to do more work selling themselves.

If you want to be taken seriously, then take the situation seriously. Otherwise chances are your just wasting your, and the interviewers time.

Clean shaven is not so much a big deal, as long as it is neat, and doesn't make you look like a lazy slob.

I went for an interview recently(security). I was just going to dress smart casual because that seemed appropiate. However I changed my mind and put on a tie and all that shit. All the other guys applying there had t-shirts and jeans and guess who got the job - me. Turns out the job paid $40/hour on weekends with 12 hour shifts, definately something I didn't expect.


I'm with hardgainer here, atleast trim it down with a beard trimmer, if you don't have one any barber shop will.

I used to sell cars so I've always had a good amount of suits and of the sort but I got out of that. I was interviewing for a warehouse job about 7 months ago and went into a group interview wearing a suit and tie, and I don't think anyone else of the 20 people even had a collar on, what a surprise I got the job, I'm sure a few other people did as well, but not all of them.


I agree with Tyrant and imhungry - at least a buttondown and dress pants. Definitely go clean shaven it's a lot more professional and as was mentioned shows you care about getting the job.

As far as the razor burn if you got a little extra cash to burn - try getting a straight edge. I used to get terrible razor burn and by the end of the day it would look like I had chicken pox on my neck. I switched to straight edge about a year and a half ago and don't have a single problem now. Definitely takes getting used to and longer to shave but worth it. It also gets a closer shave. I think my start up was $150 with the razor, brush, strop and soap but I never have to buy another replacement blade again.


Depends on if your beard looks like shit or not. If you like it and it looks good (to most people, not just to you) then keep it but make sure it's neatly trimme. Obviously depends on the job though, but as long as it doesnt look like you just didn't shave out of laziness you'll probably be OK.

Wearing a suit if you've got one might be overkill for a kayak shop but if you really want the job I feel like a dress shirt and tie is the absolute minimum when you're interviewing for almost any job.


Back in the day I interviewed to be a host at a pretty nice restaurant. I dressed nicely, and even made sure my mohawk and beard were trimmed perfectly, but for some reason I didn't get a call back :frowning:


No need to shave but at least trim the beard etc. As long as you look neat then it should be OK.

If I where you I'd dress in a smart looking shirt (with a collar, preferabbly not a T-Shirt), and a jeans will do I think. Just make sure the jeans is a neat one, not one of those with thorn off patches. Pretty self explenatory.

Put some Gel and groom as you normally do.

As for shoes a plain slipper will do.

If you look neat then it should be ok.

Best of luck!!!


Thanks for everyone's input!

I guess I should have mentioned that I just moved, and left all of my dress clothing at home, so slacks/tie/jacket/shoes are out of the question.

...I'll probably shave, though. :slightly_smiling:


Having a beard isn't a sin. I work for the fed and have a beard down to my chest. I don't think I'd bother working for anyone that made an issue of it.


what the fuck kind of security job has you making 40/hour?