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Job Interview Result


Just heard back from the Consulting company who are helping the firm I applied for with the hiring. They told me "They said it isn't a no, but not right now"

What the hell. Is that a nice way of letting me down or are they actually interested in Hiring me.

This job search is killing me.


I finished college in December and did not get a job until late January. I started searching in about September-October too. I honestly did not think it would be that hard with an engineering degree and a decent resume.

I finally decided to just take any job offer I could get and to use that as a "stepping-stone" to get the job I really wanted. The job was pretty bad but I used it as motivation to find a job I really wanted ASAP.

If you can't find a job for a while I suggest you try something similar. It shows companies that you are motivated.


Who the fuck knows. One of my old work buddies finally got an offer 9 months after his interviews.

They kept stringing him along with that kind of shit.

He was working a crappy job until the real offer came through.

Keep looking. Job searches suck.