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Job for hourly protein pump

Ive asked 2 other bodybuilding forums this question. What jobs do you have or recommend for hourly eating? It must be sedentary and not have me on call 24-hours or working nights.

Unemployment would be pretty good for this…

who eats every hour? i mean seriously. only bodybuilders, COMPETING bodybuilders eat that much and that’s all they do. they can’t work. if you have the money, the best thing to do would be to own a gym. you hire a few people and you work all day at the gym. other than that job, there probably isn’t anything you could do to eat every hour.

how about you eat every 2 hours and just take bathroom breaks and scarf the food down. My last boss told me i could just go out back and eat every couple hours if i made it quick. it’s no different than people taking a smoke break.

A nice office job, with your own office. I eat non-stop all day long (when I don’t have to travel)

Nic is right. If you have a good boss, especially if he or she smokes, then you shouldn’t have too much trouble expressing your point about wanting to eat every 2 hours. I don’t think they would let you take a break every hour though. Although, if this guy is wanting to eat every hour it probably requires more than 15 minutes of eating. Smokes only require 3-5 minutes. There’s the difference

But once those new Biotest protein bars come out… mmmmmmmmmm

You’ll probably need an office job. I’m an engineer – I sit at a desk all day, where I eat my ass off :->. Then I have plenty of energy to train. Of course, there may be an easier way to manage this than to go out and get an engineering degree.

But I still eat only every 2 1/2 - 3 hours. Who the hell eats every hour?

Firefighter/Paramedic, when you get down time you can eat all the time and with shift work you get a few shakes in during a night. Also you get to work out while getting paid. Great for building some mass. But not for everyone!!!1!

I’m a cook in the dietary department…I eat 2 times before workm, 4 times at work, and 2 times when I get home.

I’m getting a CDM license which will give me more paperwork but more $ and more time to eat.

Be a desk jockey, I’m a software engineer and I have plenty of time to eat…

I agree with Mark R. Some type of office job. I too sit at a desk and eat all day. Also many corporations now have gyms on site.

Teaching gives you time to eat, plus if you run out of food you can always steal some kids lunch

Yep, desk-jockey is the answer. I’m an engineer, too, and I eat all day long. I bring a cooler to work full of pre-cooked chicken breast, tuna, fruit, yams, whatever…“Sir Poopsalot” lol, I can relate.

I write web sites… but most anything at a desk will do. It taes no time to eat if you prepare your food ahead of time, people drink coffee all day, just drink protein shakes all day.

Pycho nailed it. As a firefighter you get to eat pretty much whenever you want unless your at an alarm. You also get a fully functional kitchen. Nothing better than going to work in the morning or evening, throwing a whole chicken or roast in the oven and then downing shakes and picking at chicken or beef and veggies all day long. Getting paid to train is also great. But getting a call to a fully involved fire in the middle of a squat workout kinda sucks. I’m not complaining though, best job on the planet.

I have a pretty killer job, as far as eating is concerned. I sit at a desk all day as an engineer, working on AutoCad. I keep a jug of about 200g. of whey in it, a tube of oatmeat and creatine. I use my Microsoft outlook to schedule reminders on when to eat.

hehe Podge I use ms outlook to keep track of my weight and cycles! its sweet…

I agree with a lot of people here. I use to be a competive bodybuiler I never eat every hour! I eat at the most was every two hours. A nice cushy office job with our own little cubical is good… Or if u have a boss that smoke he should understand why you need to go and scarf something down in 5 min…