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Job At The Gym?


Does anybody know how to get a job at the gym?


Apply when you see an add. Or ask at the counter.

Qualifications can help.




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That really chaps your ass, doesn't it?

The gym I worked at didn't seem too cramped to me. But I don't know what kind of a drive it is for you to the middle of Texas.



Ask the front desk for an application or to talk to a manager. The same as any other place.

What position are you trying to go for?
Front desk
fitness staff

Of course depending on the gym some of these may or may not be available, along with more potential ones.


carrie where in tx are you austin?


It's best to talk to the guy who hires the first time you go in and get an application. When you walk in the club address the front desk guy like he/she's already cool with you. Say "Hey, how ya doin" while smiling, then ask, "Do you know if you're hiring? Is there someone I can talk to?"

The people to talk to normally aren't there after 5 or 6pm. If they are there, and they come talk to you, shake their hand, introduce yourself, tell them you're hoping to get a job there and were wondering if any positions would be available anytime soon.

They'll probably give you an application. Fill it out, turn in the app so they have it on file. After that, check with them sometime the next week. Feel 'em out. If it feels like they could hire you but they aren't getting around to it, keep checking in each week. If it feels like they're not hiring check in again in a month.


Fredericksburg, actually.


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san antonio here


Yeah, and fill out the application THERE, don't take it home. And you know, even if you don't want to do something there (childcare, maybe the towels), suck it up. One job is your food in the door to better opportunities.

I'm not a PT, so I applied for whatever they needed. I didn't get called for a couple of months, though. When I did get a call, the owner asked me, "Are you still interested in a job here?" Uh, YEAH! I started in childcare and 3 mos later was promoted to Administrative assistant and Morning Operations Manager.

I opened the club M-F. It's quite fun working in a gym. I love it and recommend it!

I hope you get the job you want.




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SWEET! We're moving back there after school lets out for the summer. :slight_smile: (We don't want to move our 5 yr old to a new school at this point in the year.)

Have you been to that LifeTime Fitness gym at all?


I can't think of any good therapies for chapped ass syndrome. Mine's still chapped from my idiot parents' issues. haha!

The gym is actually sorta weird. The circuit room is practically EMPTY, but cardio is CRAMMED and the Free Weights are ok. Could be a better use of space, but it's not as bad as some places.


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yes, probably gonna work there, it is huge.......


More mirrors too. When I'm doing bicep curls supersetted with nasty poses in front of the mirror, it's all good. But while benching I can't see myself flexing my rippling pecs. Tell the manager to put mirrors on the ceiling.


NO WAY! DUDE! I SO want to get a job there. when we signed up last month (281/1604) they were planning to hire another 75 PT's and a bunch of other ppl for God-knows-what. There are so many ppl there it's unreal. I was waiting for the Member Services rep to show us hotel rooms next.