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T-Nation knows about career moves, right?

Anyway, here’s my situation: I’ve been offered a new position by my company which is in a different department. The new position is completely different from what I do now, but the manager of this department knows me and believes I would be good for the job. The new position also offers a BIG wage increase, which is why I’m tempted to take it.

The negative to the new job is that I have no experience in it. This isn’t all that bad as I’m a relatively smart person and can learn as I go, but my issue is what happens when I leave this job? All of my prior experience and training is in Information Technology. I have close to 5 years experience and multiple certifications in IT, and nothing in Order Processing (the new department).

My question is whether taking this job will affect my future in IT. If employers see I took a job in some other department for X amount of years, will it hinder my chances of getting back in the IT world? I can always continue to work on other certifications, but experience is THE biggest factor in IT. The position in Order Processing will give me a more rounded background with business in general though, which could be a plus.

Any thoughts? I’m only 21 and really just beginning my career, and the raise is very considerable and I could definitely use the money. I just worry about any future considerations in Information Technology.

And to keep this thread somewhat related to this site, the position in Order Processing would allow for more time in the gym due to less overtime. Discuss.

A future employer could look at that in 2 different ways. You could either be a very diverse employee with knowledge of many facets of the company, or they could see your IT experience as not significant because you were not in that field for X amount of years. I would take the new job in order processing, and stay up to date with current IT trends, certifications, and professional associations.