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Joaquin Phoenix: I'm Still Here


Watched this last night with my roommate... Absolutely hysterical. This guy's a genius. Don't want to put any spoilers for anyone not familiar with his situation, but definitely check it out! It's on Netflix live streaming, and is an entirely different brand of movie / genius that I wasn't used to seeing in hollywood these days.

Anyone seen it? Thoughts?!


I'll watch it tonight, but I'm guessing you're just retarded and Phoenix really isn't a genius.


Aw man! Got me!

But in all seriousness it is pretty good. Good acting, funny, and really unique humor... Reminded me of a Sasha Baron Cohen or Andy Kaufman but more extreme. Also should figure out it's a mockumentary and watch his 2nd letterman interview at some point.


I thought it was called. "I'm still here". Not "Joaquin Phoenix 'I"


Guess I shoulda clarified. Thanks


I saw it a couple of days a go. I admired Joaquin Phoenix's dedication. The concept was hilarious and impressively unique, but a few of the scenes were a little bit ridiculous. Overall, I liked it a lot.


I'll give this a watch soon.

Joaquin Phoenix has been one of my favorite actors for quite some time, and I was pretty disappointed when I heard he was giving up acting to pursue a career in hip hop. I respect the whole following his dreams thing (yadda yadda) but it's not like we're talking about a guy like Paul Walker pursuing whatever the hell it is he does when he isn't trying really hard to act like he's NOT acting on screen... Joaquin actually has quite a bit of talent.


I hear Mel Gibson is filming the sequel.