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Joaquin Phoenix: Crazy or Just Free?


He could be crazy or maybe he wants to follow his dreams and do away with the social norms of proper grooming. I support him and his future endeavors.

David is a bit cold blooded.

cold blooded? you would be too with an interviewee as doped out as him

Either the guy is going threw a mid-life crisis.

Is doped out of his mind.

Or is just kidding.

Theres a rumor out there that he is just doing this to fuck with people.

God I hope its true, ya think after seeing his brother die in his arms from an overdose he wouldn’t get into heavy drug use.

Publicity stunt.

Definite set-up

So I guess he is doing it for some Mockumentry directed by Casey Affleck.

Joaquin Phoenix is an amazing actor. I think the new look is him hiding so he won’t burst out in laughter.