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Jnd's 10000 Kb Swing Experience

With the laidback music of Tom Petty’s brilliant song “Swinging” in my eardrums I began Dan John’s 10,000 KB swing challenge 30 days ago (2 days on, 1 day off).

I only had a 50lb KB so take that into account.

For the 4 assistance exercises I did:
135# Overhead presses (1,2,3)
+45# dips (2,3,5)
75# goblet squats (1,2,3)
Bodyweight pullups (1,2,3)

This was a fun challenge that had me looking forward to the next day so I could move closer to the 10,000 swing challenge. My hands and forearms took the worst of it. Although I was worried about my lower back, I only had a slight twinge on day 29. I was working hard each day to cut time from my last round, so this challenge was good for strength and cardio.

In terms of improvement, I was 28% faster from the first week (averaged 38 minutes) to the last week (averaged 27 minutes). I have a ton of respect for those of you that have performed in the mid 20 minutes (wow).

I can’t speak to bodyweight (I haven’t been on a scale in a while- if my pants fit, then I am OK) or bodyfat (didn’t measure it), but I felt strong through the whole challenge.