JMKB1's Accountability Log

Ive been reluctant to start a log basically because im weak and embarressed. been training steady for almost 4 months
on and off for years with years in between. did 3 months complex edt and switched to a bastardized beast building
program. heres how the basic format. main lift plus accesory work

week 1 80% 20 minutes x3 as many sets as possible
flat bench 205x 14 sets of 3
close grip 5x5 155
bar dips 5x5
incline flies 40 5x5
pushdowns 60 5x5

day2 box squat 12in box 205 x 10 sets
hammer strength v squat 90 x 5x5
leg extension 80 5x5
leg curl 110 5x5
core planks

day 3
push press 145 x 10 sets x3
db rows 60 5x5
lat raises 20
face pulls 60 5x5

day4 deadlift 205 10 x 3 20 min
back ext 5x5
good mornings 45 5x5
pullthroughs 85 5x5
my understanding is that accesory work should be light
if im wrong pls correct me
week 2 same format at 85% x2 reps 20 min as many sets as possible
flat bench 215 x20x2
close grip 165 5x5
bar dips 5x5
incline flies 50 5x5
pushdowns 70 5x5

day 2 box squat 215 x16x2
v squat 160 5x5
leg ext 100 5x5
leg curl 130 5x5

push press 155 12 x 2
db rows 70 5x5
22.5 5x5
face pulls 80 5x5

deads 215 x15 x2
back ext 5x5
good mornings 135 5x5
pull throughs 90 5x5


bench 230 x20x1
close grip 175 5x5
bar dips 5x5
incline flies 5x5
pushdowns 80 5x5

ill finish out week three at 90% back off a week and do three more weeks started at week 2 wts back off week 8 and hope for a new pr in week 9 sorry for the long post just wanted to catch up. thanks Mike

Everybody started out weak. Keeping a log, tracking your progress and making adjustments along the way is the quickest way to get stronger. Good luck

thanks consistancy is the key. I hope to compete for the first time in sept at 41 i dont know what to expect. it should be fun though.

Tonight workout
box squats 20min x12x1 at 235 really easy talked to much damn it should have been 17 or so wasted five minutes answering questions about the box.

v squat 180 5x5
leg ext 120 5x5 i superset ext and curls
leg curl 130 5x5
core ab wheel 5x5

So can anyone tell me if accesory work is to be done light with the idea of increasing blood flow or should i push it harder. I believe I read on elite fts something like that I may be mistaken.

20 min 165 20x1 push press
db rows 80 5x5
lateral raises 5x5
face pulls 60 5x5
core ab wheel 5x5

deadlift 285 x1
deadlift 235 20min 14x1
back ext 5x5
good mornings 155 5x5
pull throughs 100 5x5

back off week started yesterday
bench 235 x 10x1
close grip 175 3x5
bar dips 3x5
incline flies 3x5
push downs 3x5

today is my day off start back off sqauts tomorrow keep the wght the same and do have as many sets as week three start 4 weeks over next week.

before every workout my son and I have been putting in 15-20 miles on our bikes great leg warm up. just so everyone knows flat tires suck when your out in the middle of nowhere New Mexico.

back off squat day
box squat 235 8x1
v sqaut 180 3x5
leg extension 3x5
leg curl 3x5
ab wheel 3x5

My next go around im thinking of starting my bench at 225 20min as many sets of three as possible. then 235 x2 as many doubles as possible in 20 min the following week. then 245 for as many singles as possible in 20 min in week three. then a back off week then a mini pl meet on my own as bunny was talking about in his thread. see how my little experiment worked then on to something else.

good luck with your training. V Squat?

Its a hammer strength hack squat machine.

Well i’ve come to the conclusion that I screwed the pooch on my squat and deadlift estimates. I went to light.

so next round starting next week ill start my squat at 235
20min x3 as many sets as possiblebut how big of a jump for 20 min x2 and 20 min of singles
on squat deads ill start at 245lbs20 min x3
265 x2 275 x1 does anyone have any suggestions they would be appreciated


So my 12 year old son and I have been riding are bikes everyday for the last few months.
started out five miles and been slowly increasing the milage so saturday I decided I would get him up early and go on a long ride to see how he does. So I put him on my wifes road bike and we took off. about half way into the ride he asks if he can take the lead. I say go ahead. evidently the old man is to slow because he took off we cruised about 10 miles at and average speed of 20 miles and hour he just kicked ass through the whole ride 30 miles total. Now I know its not fast or far by most bikers standards but im real proud of him and wanted to share with everyone. we are working up to his first century in the future
He is so motivated and focused what a joy to watch his progress.

started my second go around yesterday went well
bench 20 min 10x3 at 225
close grip 2board press 8x3 185
bar dips 5x5
incline bench 135 5x5
skullcrusher 85 5x5
12 miles on the bike with my son 105 degrees
out sweating like a pig

Squat day my favorite
Started out 11 miles mountain bike ride in the morning to beat the heat. 3 miles road bike to the gym.
Squat bar 1x10
185x 1x3
235x 10x3
Vsquat 135 5x5
leg curls 130 5x5
leg ext 130 5x5
the ride home sucked with jelly legs
good lifting

Well 3.5 weeks left on my current program then attempt to set some new prs. Im thinking of changing to a westside template
so I have some questions if anyone can answer. On ME days say you do flat bench the
next Me day floor presses. should you continue to rotate the main exercises or keep flat bench primary.
Thanks Mike

Yesterday was an off day. good thing because my my hamstrings were on fire. the last few sets on squats were grinders. so i think for the folowing squat workout ill bump to 250lbs
20 min x as many sets of 2 as possible. All squats are done of a 11-12 inch box. the box for me is such a fantastic tool. it forces me into proper form and depth. the trick for me is not to good morning the wieght of the box.

Tonights workout wasnt really felling it but pushed through anyways.
push press 155 8x3
165 x1
175 x1
dumbell rows 70 5x5
lateral raises 25 5x5
face pulss 60 5x5
Deadlifts tomorrow

read Dave Tate’s education of a powerlifter today great read. brought a tear to my eye
started on Dave Tate’s eight keys articles parts 1 and 2 I believe they are must reads for anyone thinking about powerlifting or training like one.