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JMB-Recovery Question


I was wondering,with your new reccomendation of splitting Surge into 1/2 before and after training, does this change how you plan out the 2nd post w/o meal? Since I'm only getting like 15g of protein (in my case) after training, how long should I wait for the next meal, and should it be larger? Thanks.


Bumping this ecause I have th same question...also would it be optimal to use 1 scoop of surge pre-w/o and 2 after like your previous reccomendations..or is that overdoing it because of the high glucose content and will just lead to fat gain? Thanks, John...Mike


You can choose one of the following options...

1) change nothing else besides splitting up what you used to drink into two drinks (1 during and 1 after training)...

2) Take 2 servings of Surge (1 during and 1 after - I know it can get expensive)...

3) Take 1/2 serving during and 1/2 after but add some malto and dextrose to the drinks to increase carb and calorie content....

During most phases of the year I personally take 1/2 surge during and 1/2 after. However right now, Im on a big mass gain craze and am taking in the following...during training-1.5scoops surge,20g carbs from malto,20g carbs from dextrose,5g creatine...then I repeat this drink after training. It's a good way to increase lifting performance and get in the necessary cals to eat 5k+ per day to grow.

In the end, remember, the study showed great effects with 6g essential aminos and 35g carbs take preworkout. Is more better? Probably. How much more? I'm not sure. Experiment around and see what you like.


I'm drinking 1 scoop before a workout with creatine and 2 scoops after a workout. I don't honestly know if it's making a difference, but JMB says to do it, so I'm doing it. When I go on a cutting phase come November (for a class reunion), I'll cut it back to 1 scoop W/ creatine before and 1 scoop after. I weight 180#. Any comments.. suggestions?