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JMB-Please Help

JMB- I really liked your last Appetite column, concening the sample diets, with timing and everything. However, my problem is, all the sample meal plans you have ever posted, always revolve around the 40p-30c-30f ratio, or close to it. I realize that is the most common ratio, but I’m sure there others besides me, who would REALLY like to see a sample of 50c-35p-15f. I’d like to see how many P+F meals there are, what foods, and how you would time it, since it requires you to keep such a low-fat ratio. If you could lay one out, I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks.

Come on. Isn’t there anyone out there who’d like to see this? I really would like this answered if at all possible.

Email JMB directly, he’s gotten back to my questions usually within the day or the next day. His email is at all the ends of his articles - jmbmuscle@hotmail.com
Once you get an answer then post it here on the forum because I and many others would like to see it.

Jason N.- Cool, I will try that then, and I’ll post what info he gives me.