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JMB-fasting and insulin sensitivity

Usually I go about 7 hours during the day without eating, that’s in addition to the time i’m not eating while asleep (I don’t usually eat breakfast). I was wondering how going this long without eating affects insulin sensitivity. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Why on earth are you going so long without eating, bro? Hope you’re not trying to add muscle.

Why on earth are you not eating breakfast? I don’t care how busy you are during the day, you can eat at least once during the time period. Just bring something with you! I know it’s possible!

You’re gonna get slammed on this one. first off, if you are fasting 2x per day for about 7 hours (unless it’s for med reasons) I question whether you are interested in your health at all since this is one of the most unhealthy things you can do. with this said, why do you care about insulin sensitivity of all things?

Does a Timbo-BodySlam on phishdawg

You call yourself a dawg, dayum! I am definitely interested to the rationale behind the 7-hour fast, my man…and missing breakfast…oh dear! I’ll save the sermon for now, but as the others have alluded to, this practice isn’t healthy and will definitely NOT aid you in achieving any of your fitness goals. If you don’t understand the importance of meal frequency/timing and breakfast, especially, please let us know, brutha.

I think Phish is asking because some “gurus” such as Ori Hofmekler of the Warrior Diet fame have claimed that fasting increases insulin sensitivity. I will give my educated guess at the question though. Yes, fasting will definitely increase insulin sensitivity, but I think the insulin sensitivity of ALL the tissues, including the adipose, increase. Therefore, I don’t think you gain anything. If you exercise, the insulin sensitivity of the muscles increase, while the adipose presumably stay the same. Just my two cents.

I knew I was going to get slammed on this one so let me explain. I don’t eat much because I haven’t had much of an appitite(sp?) lately. I go most of the day without being hungry and sometimes have to force myself to eat. This is probably a bigger issue than insulin sensitivity, but I was just curios.

appEtite and curioUs, just to let you know… one day you might be spelling with ladies around and they could laugh at you. Oh and you really should be eating a little more.

Phish, just so you don’t feel alone - pretty much any ectomorph eats more than s/he “wants to” in order to create a T-bod. “I don’t have much of an appetite” isn’t going to get you much sympathy around here. Eat anyway!