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JMaier31 Tries a Bro Split



Hang in there man. This will all pass and you will be stronger on the other side.


How would you fare if you had to chase down a criminal on foot?

If there’s a question in your mind, you should get all this fixed ASAP regardless of whether it happened on duty or not. You didnt mean for any of this to happen.

Get yourself fixed. First and foremost. I’m sure your attitude is bleeding over to your family, work and obviously your hobby you love. Commit to fixing yourself at all cost. Those that love you and care for you will obviously understand. Delaying any of it is not smart. Just my opinion.


I’d be fine. I haven’t felt any pain while running this past week. I still have to try to convince the doctor to order me another MRI so I can get imaging. I saw him in August after dealing with the pain for a month and he thought it was inflammation so we tried a couple of things to deal with that but I had no relief. I want imaging. I’m quite confident there is a problem since it feels exactly the same as last year. At that time I had a torn hip labrum. I don’t feel like I’m crazy for thinking that identical pain in an identical spot is an identical injury.

If I’m correct then I’ll be two for two this year telling expert surgeons that I’m injured when they thought it was just inflammation :laughing:

Finally, some good news! I went in to the inspection office in uniform (that probably helped) and was able to resolve my issue. On top of that, they charged me the minimum fee to get a new permit - $36. The final inspection is scheduled for Monday. I’m ecstatic!

At least one thing this week has come up Milhouse!

That’s a huge weight lifted off my shoulder. I have people interested in renting the place and I was afraid the house would get condemned or something after they moved in. Thank goodness that’s off the table.


I’ve decided to run a butchered version of Built for Battle. I’m going to run it with the same weights on Monday/Wednesday/Friday. I’ll add 5 lbs each week and keep going until I get bored, something hurts, or I can’t progress anymore.

I’m also not doing a 3RM day. I’m just going to start too light and go from there. It will give me enough stimulus for maintenance; it’ll let me train a little bit; and it might even help my conditioning. I think the original plan called for a minute of rest between each exercise. I’ll just decrease that as I go to get my conditioning.

The tough part is going to be running it as a true circuit in a commercial gym. I’m going to try to do push press, walking DB lunges, hang SGHP, incline bench, and cable rows. The rack, incline, and cable rows are somewhat close together so it’s possible to pull this off. I just don’t know if it’s going to happen. I thought about dragging a bench to the rack and doing DB incline and rows but the weight increases on each set and that’s going to take too much time to go back and forth to the DB rack. Another option would be to leave the bench next to the DB rack where it belongs and just try to mark my territory with a towel and water bottle in one spot and my bag in the other.

I’ll try to finish each day with another circuit for delts, upper back, and arms.

This may not be as good for me as CrossFit style workouts but it’ll be better for my mental health. If I recall correctly, these heavier circuits left me feeling pretty awesome when I ran this earlier in the year (except for the part where it beat me up–that’s why I’m changing the way I run it).


It might be better to do something you like to do.
Doing something you like, is much more motivating than doing something you don’t like.


Definitely. I can’t sustain high intensity workouts that I loathe. That’s going to drive my mental state in the other direction. I’m still hoping to find a balance between the two.



Build 4 Battle Circuit Test Run


Torso Rotation Machine 100 x 10 ea x 2
Full V Ups x 10 x 2

Circuit (5/4/3/2/1 except rows were 10/9/8/7/6)





20 x 10 ea, 20 x 8F/8B HALF

30 x 15 ea, 30 x 10F/10T/10B

??? x 15, 10F/10B/10T

??? x 15, 10F/10T/10B

The main circuit took 24 minutes. I didn’t time my rest. I just moved from one exercise to the next. I don’t know why I didn’t catch it earlier, but this was a terribly designed circuit. :laughing: It was incredibly shoulder heavy. I managed to avoid popping my tendon out of the groove except when I had to hang clean the bar back up for push presses. After the workout was a different story. I could feel the tendon pop out and stay out of the groove by just moving my arm. Putting my phone in my pocket did it. Everything did. No Bueno there.

Lunges were also a waste of time. I’ll have to figure out a way to make this better but it’s tough to have good lower body work included in a circuit when you have my hip. Squats and deadlifts would be the easy choice but I’m avoiding those. I think single leg work is my best bet but it’s not ideal for this type of training.

I ate oatmeal for breakfast and then nothing the rest of the day. I drank some BCAAs on my way to the gym and I feel great! I just ate a big salad with chicken and balsamic vinaigrette dressing for dinner. The day is ending on a high note.


Dude… why do you keep messing with your hip and shoulder by training? The more you piss your body off, the more you may have to take time rehabbing it. Or the worse the injuries will become


I’m not understanding any of this either.

I dont think this is what you need right now, but good luck with it regardless.


I haven’t done anything to mess with my hip. Lunges have never really bothered it. And the doctor told me that I’m not going to hurt anything by using my shoulder. As I stated, I didn’t have any trouble during my workout except with the hang clean and I did everything I could to limit my biceps activation (and I only had to do that five times). I never felt a full pop; I could just feel it pulling like it wanted to slip.

Last night was actually the best session I’ve had while lifting for my shoulder. I was even able to do the reverse curls under fatigue without any biceps tendon movement. I guess I did a good job of fatiguing everything and when I relaxed and did normal things I could feel the tendon moving.

And under the circumstances, a good workout was worth more than any pain or discomfort yesterday (not that experienced that). I needed it and I’d do it again.


Didn’t the doctors say it was just inflammation in your hip and tell you that it wasn’t your bicep that was the problem? Doctors aren’t very trust worthy. Didn’t lifting cause your shoulder and hip problems too? If it caused it im sure it could worsen it. Just don’t want you to get severely injured man


When my hip started hurting again I went back to the doctor. That was in August. He thought it was just inflammation so he prescribed a 30 day supply of Mobic which is an anti inflammatory. That didn’t do anything for the pain. I also ran through a prescription of prednisone which is a stronger anti inflammatory. In October I got an injection directly into my hip that was a steroid. It was supposed to reduce inflammation. I haven’t had any relief from my hip pain. I’m guessing it’s more than inflammation.

My biceps tendon is popping out of the groove in the humerus. It’s supposed to have some tissue that holds it down but it can tear. Once it does, it doesn’t grow back or heal. According to my recent MRI, my biceps tendon is still in the groove but it’s not quite in the middle like it should be. The sensation I feel when it “pops” is the tendon popping all the way out of the groove. The doctor said it won’t get any worse and I can just try to live with it. He recommended avoiding painful things (which I do). I’m also trying to avoid things that I know will make it slip. It didn’t pop last night during training but it was getting close and I think the overall fatigue allowed it to finally slip once I was done and stopped focusing on it. It didn’t hurt; it’s just an unpleasant feeling.



Woke at 239.0 lbs.

I didn’t do anything today. It’s cold and I worked. That’s about it. I just ruined that 239 weight with some pizza for dinner. My stomach is back to normal and I feel good. I’m also hungry.

I wrote out three different circuits to run throughout the week. I’m not committed to any one rep scheme but I think I’ll use the same weights on all sets to keep it simple. I might do 5x5, 3x8, etc. I’ll be starting with 5x5 though. I tried to pick exercises so that I don’t have to clean the bar back to the rack. I’m going to give overhead squats a shot. They’ll be very light and will probably challenge my mobility and stability more than anything. I think that’ll be a good thing…?



Woke at 238.6 lbs so last night wasn’t too bad. I had a good day of eating and thought I blew it last night with pizza and chocolate.


Just remember, full body is anti-recovery. I’ve always loved full body, but it has not loved me back. There’s just not enough opportunity for full recovery, even only at 3x/week. What happens is you slowly dig deeper into recovery debt until something breaks. I’m a case study example.

You dont think you’re building fatigue with some of the smaller movements, say split squats or OH squats, but you are. Especially with your personality type to push everything harder than necessary.

Edit: this is obviously not targeted at everyone, but it is for those that are injured or not recovering optimally.


I’ve actually done well with full body in the past. I ran a full body 5/3/1 variation for awhile and enjoyed it. This particular round of full body is only designed for conditioning and muscle maintenance. My top priorities are still to lose fat and get in better shape. I shouldn’t really be pushing my limits on any of the exercises.

I’m trying to build my own thing here. I’m not pursuing strength at the moment, but I also don’t like the “run yourself into the ground” CrossFit type stuff (obviously). I think a full body circuit with no rest, lower reps, and higher weights could get me to where I want to be. I get to move some weight which always feels good. I get to push the pace and work on my conditioning, but there won’t be any sets long enough to really destroy me. The cumulative effect should be 30 to 40 minutes of moderate to high intensity work.

Happy cake day!


I recently got a punisher skull teeshirt and it’s my favourite training top. It reminds me of your avatar and therefore by default you’re my lifting partner haha


Nice! I have two shirts with The Punisher on them. One is the Under Armour one that I’ve seen CT wear (it was a Father’s Day gift) and the other is from the local supplement shop. I always wear one if it’s going to be a rough day at the gym. It seems fitting.


Yeah I was box squatting today and before my 1RM attempt all I could think was
“Go with God”
‘… God’s gonna sit this one out’


Happy New Year J :slight_smile:

About the full body and recovery, I think as long as you’re not doing high intensity for several reps it’s good.
I did BfB and added some weights every week by week 4 or 5 my 1 rep was very close to 1RM and 2 reps were over 90% as well and 3 reps were close to 90%. That I couldn’t recover from.
And I know by now that you’re a smart guy about these things, so I find your circuits very good. So good luck with them I hope they bring some joy back to lifting.