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JMaier31 Tries a Bro Split



This :slight_smile: I love it.



Good morning, all! I woke up at 238.4 lbs which makes me happy. I somehow managed to recover from the salt bloat from Wednesday night and I still ate some bad food at work yesterday. There is a box full of cookies (probably 25 individual baggies with 6 cookies each), a plate of brownies, a plate of fudge, a plastic container of store bought sugar cookies, and then someone brought in treats from The Nifty Nut House (boxes of chocolate covered peanuts). I had two cookies, two caramel truffles, and about 10 chocolate covered peanuts. I guess in hindsight that’s not too bad.

My best advocate for not binging is germs. This stuff has sat out in our squad room all day and been finger f*cked by everyone who walks by. I was first into the chocolate covered peanuts but other than that I’ve only eaten stuff that was packaged separately. Ain’t nobody got time for violent stomach illness and I hear that’s already been going around this year. My son threw up Monday night and had one bout of diarrhea Tuesday morning. My wife felt nauseous Wednesday night and yesterday morning. The virus is near…


Well, tonight did not go according to plan. I intended to go to the Y after work, but I ended up showing my new rental property to a possible tenant. That didn’t take long but then I talked to the neighbor next door and across the street. The guy across the street rents his place out on Air B&B. He rents each room individually and it’s by the night. By using the Air B&B site/app, it charges him $1 per night for each guest. He said he’s making around $1000 a month and my place is much nicer than his (it should be; I just rebuilt the damn thing). If this tenant doesn’t come through then that’s an option for easy money and the company has insurance to cover damages caused by guests.

I thought about working out at home but my wife made some store bought pizza and I ate it. There’s no way I’m working out with pepperoni pizza in my stomach—at least not the way I’ve been training lately. Maybe I’ll be able to do something tomorrow night. I enjoyed Wednesday’s session of just lifting weights and doing a bit of cardio at the end. I could do something like that again with a short barbell complex or WOD at the end. I need to stop killing myself and just get a good workout. I was smoked from doing Cindy Monday and Barbara on Tuesday. When I have a chance to train on back to back days I need to make sure one workout doesn’t hurt the next. I’m off work Sunday so I’ll probably train again Sunday around mid morning or noon. I’ll also train Monday since Tuesday is Christmas. That could be three days in a row so there’s no need to kill myself tomorrow night.

Ah, well… I’m rambling.


Lol I find myself doing that a lot. Especially at the end of a hard day


I couldn’t get my brain to turn off last night and it cost me two hours of sleep. I woke up at 3am for no reason.


Woke at 236.8 lbs and all I ate yesterday was a casein protein shake and banana for breakfast, two slices of supreme pizza and a chunk of chocolate chip bread for lunch, and half of a pepperoni pizza for dinner.

It’s a new pizza diet plan!


I may have missed it, but has the shoulder MRI come back yet?


No one called. I’ve been so focused on my financial stuff that I forgot.


It’s good to see you training reasonably for where you are in terms of recovery ability, life demands, and body long term health. I thought for a bit you would just crash and burn I need you to get healthy again so I can run your ass into the ground!


It’s tough to hold back but as soon as I start a bodyweight circuit I’m dying and have no desire to do things like Deadlift. I’m trying to keep my biceps tendon from popping out of the groove. I think it’s getting better but it’s moving slow.


After Work


Lying Leg Raise w/ Pulse Up x 10
Back Extension x 20
Side Crunch x 15 ea

Pull Ups x 8, 7, 6
Push Ups x 20, 15, 10
Walking Lunges x 10, 10, 10 ea

30 x 20, 10, 9

40 x 28, 12, 10

60 x 30, 20

It burns!


350 sets are invented by the devil so easy at the beginning and then the burn sets in.
Good to see your workouts J, you’re finding your way.
Now to get the estate rented out, and the old body to heal up.
Merry Christmas J



Woke at 238.8 lbs.

I’m off work and will have four days with the family. Holidays or vacation days are the only days of the year that I get to be home with my wife. We’re going to the Y as a family later this morning.

Health Update
I’m avoiding a lot of things for my shoulder hoping to keep the biceps tendon in the groove. It still slips occasionally though. Push ups hurt a little last night. I find that I do better if I externally rotate my upper arm. I’m pretty sure it’s the serratus anterior muscle engaging (@FlatsFarmer). It feels like it packs my shoulder. I can intentionally do this on many movements and I’ve been doing it on pull ups and the inverted rows too. For push ups it’s like screwing your feet into the ground on a squat. My hands are even pointing out a bit.

My hip has been doing good but I had a painful movement last night after the gym. It was just a simple movement like a lateral step. That tells me I’m not done healing yet (or it’s too late and I have a legit injury again).

Today’s plan is to kill myself on the Air Runner. I’m not sure if I’ll do intervals or a fartlek. I_like_ the intervals I did last time but it’s because I get to rest for two minutes. That’s a long rest for me. I did 30 sec on and 2 min off like the Airdyne workout from the T-Nation article.

After running, I’m definitely hitting shoulders. I don’t know if I’ll do a more traditional lifting session or if I’ll find a way to make it a circuit. I might play on the new hack squat (pictured up the log a few days ago). I also need to hit my hamstrings a bit.

Happy two days before Christmas!




1:30 jogging, 30 sec rest
3 x 30 sec run/walk fartlek
Rest 3 min
3 x 30 sec run/walk fartlek
Rest 3 min
3 x 20 sec run/walk fartlek
14:40 total time. 136 calories. 1.21 miles. Running is the devil.

135 x 5
Nope. Shoulder popped on last rep.

125 x 10
135 x 9
145 x 6
superset with
170 x 12
180 x 10
190 x 10
30 sec weighted stretch after each set.

135 x 5 x 3 sets

20 x 9 ea
20 x 8 ea
20 x 15 each regular reps
I had a little pain in my right shoulder and it’s definitely weaker than the left. :frowning_face:


Shoulder pain and any imbalance sucks. Hope you have a great Christmas mate and the new year brings a new body without the niggles.


That’d be a Christmas miracle!


Woke at 242 and change and I feel awful. I think I’m self inflicting some stomach problems because I’m paranoid about getting the puke-your-guts-out stomach bug after seeing @T3hPwnisher had it. I fear I’m headed down that road at the first sign of discomfort. I’ve also come down with the stomach bug a couple of times after family meals.

I ate too much for dinner and then drank a little wine after we got home. I woke up at 3 something with horrible stomach acid. I finally got up and ate some tums at 5:15 which helped. The other ailment is that I feel feverish. I had the chills and my joints ache. All of my muscle soreness is amplified.

It’s almost 9 now and my stomach feels like I’m hung over. I drank some water and it made me feel nauseous. I don’t know if I’ll be doing much today.


I took the day off. I even napped this afternoon. I made it to immediate care and they finally gave me an antibiotic since I’ve had this head cold three times in two months.

I also got some prednisone to help my joints. I ache all over and my lower back is a constant source of pain. It’s similar to a bad fever but I don’t have a fever.


Adulthood with young children in the house is no joke. There’s a reason why people say 30s are the most unenjoyable years. So.Much.Responsibility…and…all the crap that goes along with it (young children + sickness, financial difficulty as many are establishing careers, etc…etc…).

Right when you think you’re turning the corner BAM.

Family is special though. Just decorated cookies with my wife and 2 daughters then went and spread raindeer food in the front yard. The smiles make it worth it. Cookies help too :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas!


Feel better soon big man. Merry Christmas!


Thanks for checking in! I hope you’re doing well with your hiatus. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Ya’ll!

Woke at 240.4 lbs and feeling better. My sinus pain is still with me but the whole body plus joint aches are gone. Hopefully I’ll be ready to go tomorrow and can get back to kicking my rear in the gym. It’s about time to get serious with my nutrition. We should have all the junk eaten by New Year’s Day or shortly after.

I wonder if conditioning will ever feel easier. I fear that it won’t because you’re just able to work harder as you get in better shape. Will CrossFit style WODs ever be enjoyable, @kleinhound? Will I ever walk away thinking “Man, that was a great workout. I feel great” instead of “Mother of God, I’m going to die”? :joy: :joy: :joy:


And a Merry christmas to you J.
WOD’s will always leave miserable :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas to you and your family!