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JMaier31 Tries a Bro Split



That is a plan. The plan you have to restore some mobility and rehab the joints. Use every day to learn more and add to that goal. Anything on top of that should not create pain or hurt the primary goal.



Woke at 238.0 lbs.

No training last night. I did some foam rolling and stretched my adductors a bit but that was it. I’m not sure what I’ll do tonight. My nephew and niece are coming to our house while their parents have a night out. My wife mentioned going to look at Christmas lights. I’m not sure if that means I have to go, but it occurred to me that our cars won’t hold six people. I might be off the hook which means I can do whatever I want tonight.

I have this idea of 8’s in my head. Eight rounds, eight reps, and maybe even eight exercises…

I could do:

left leg split squat
face pull
right leg split squat
push ups w/ pike (ab wheel on feet, push up into pike position)
hamstring curl on ab wheel
left side plank w/ abduction
pull up
right side plank w/ abduction

I figured eight full exercises including single leg/single side movements could end up taking a while so we’ll see how this pans out. This might not be short but it should get some conditioning work while also hitting just about everything I need right now.


Crazy 8’s

Oh, boy. That was a good one.

8 Rounds of 8 Reps of Each

  • Split Squat Right Leg
  • Face Pull w/ Band
  • Split Squat Left Leg
  • Push Up w/ Pike, Feet on Ab Wheel (regular push up on rounds 5-8)
  • Glute Bridge w/ Feet on Wheel (regular bridge on rounds 5-8)
  • Left Side Plank w/ Abduction
  • Inverted Row
  • Right Side Plank w/ Hip Abduction

I ran this non stop at a good pace. I wasn’t going all CrossFit on it because I didn’t want to puke. I only allowed myself a drink on every other round. Strapping the ab wheel to my feet made for a clumsy transition. Time: 29:32


Keep up with smart and efficient programming like this while not ‘going all CrossFit’ and this injury might turn out to be a conditioning journey to a leaner physique!


It’s too bad it’s not very fun. High pulls, deadlifts, and power cleans are way better. Hopefully someday I can go pull 600 lbs and then knock out a kick ass conditioning WOD like Macho Man or Hulk Hogan.


Awesome name for a workout :slight_smile:

And not going cross fit on it was wise.
Made me happy for you to read in TnT’s log that you didn’t experience much pain here.
You’re on the right track J.



Woke at 238.0 lbs again. I’ve eaten well the last couple of days. It’s tough but I’m controlling my portions better. For example, my dinner was several spicy pickle spears (made by my grandma and addictive) and a shredded chicken sandwich. I could have and wanted to eat two sandwiches but I knew that I didn’t need it. I planned to have protein shake before bed but skipped that. I’m not sure where my protein intake is but I’m sure it’s less than the 1g per lb of bodyweight. I’m not building muscle so I’m pretty sure that I don’t necessarily need 240g of protein to maintain muscle.

I wanted to clarify the pain I experienced during my workout. I only felt a small amount and it was during the push ups + pike with the ab wheel strapped to my feet. I wasn’t getting into a good position for the push up after the pike. My hands were too far forward so it was putting me at odd angles that I didn’t like. That’s one reason I removed the wheel after four rounds. Everything else was good (but not enjoyable). The worst part was the side plank w/ abduction. I loathed that exercise every time it came around. I was out of breath for 90% of the workout. The 10% that I wasn’t out of breath was at the start as I found my rhythm. I wanted to lie on the floor and catch my breath before doing the side planks but I just keep moving, raised my hips and had no problems doing the movement.

These types of workouts are great for training while fatigued. It wasn’t muscle fatigue, but being out of breath and having a high heart rate isn’t comfortable. I’m not sure if anything I did was difficult enough to improve anything (except the side planks), but I didn’t struggle to do reps and I used most of my body’s muscles. I think that checks all the boxes on my priority list right now.

My only regret for the week is leg curls on Wednesday. It still hurts to straighten my legs. I think I got a little ahead of myself there with the overloaded eccentrics. I’ll have to do some regular reps for awhile to get my legs used to the movement.

And @mortdk, Crazy 8’s was a long one. 30 minutes of constant activity was a damn good workout and I found myself wanting to call it plenty of times before I reached round eight. I think I would actually prefer to do two or three workouts with three to four exercises instead of one marathon with eight exercises. Look for shorter circuits (but more than one in a session) in the future.


Keep it in the rotation, it’s a damn good 30 minute of condition.
Once in a while pick it again and try to beat the best time.

2 or 3 shorter WODs could do the trick… but how much energy is left after Cindy :slight_smile:
So a couple of giant sets and ending with Cindy (or another girl).

So no pain when you removed the wheel. Damn good.



Woke at 240.2 lbs.

Last night was my cheat meal. Well, I didn’t really go all out but I loosened up quite a bit. We had Mexican food after church. Chips, guacamole, beans, wild rice, etc. It was delicious. I just made a plate of nachos. I microwaved my plate of chips covered in shredded cheese and black beans. Once the cheese was melted I added wild rice, black olives, ground beef, lettuce, and a guacamole based salsa. It was delicious. My knuckles are swollen so my weight gain is just salt and water retention. No big deal.


Did the Limber 11 and some other stretching at home after work.



Woke at 237.8 lbs.



CINDY (what a jerk)
7 rounds on 9:57. I was dying today. My rest after round 6 was extra long.

25 x 15 x 2 sets
superset with
85 x 15/15 sec stretch/15 x 1 set

The nausea won the battle today. I just shut it down. I had a shake around 9 and got to the gym at 10. It wasn’t enough time to digest. I slowed down a bit on Cindy but I was still breathing very heavily.

I made it through five rounds unbroken and then I had to break up my push ups for the last two rounds. I think I might need to program some rest into this to avoid the nausea. Perhaps doing ea exercise every half minute or resting 20 sec between exercises would help.

These benchmark WODs make me wonder if they’re just for the advanced CrossFitter or if I’m that pathetic.


I think it’s for someone who’ve been doing CF for a while, with a high lactic acid threshold.
In no time you’ll be able to do all 10? rounds that’s the goal right.
You’re just not conditioned for it yet.


Hang in there man. Reestablishing conditioning sucks


Also remember that something like Cindy is a small man’s WOD, while a taller guy like you would probably crush Jackie, especially on the row.


Barbara is also a good bodyweight one that incorporates rest, might be worth a look in


20 minutes AMRAP is Cindy. I’d call that a win. Chelsea is 30 minutes EMOM of the same stuff. As you can see by my pathetic seven rounds in 10 minutes, I couldn’t keep up with an EMOM pace.

This is a whole different beast than what I’ve known as conditioning. I think the best shape I’ve ever been in was during college basketball. I still don’t think that’s good enough for CrossFit benchmark WODs.

Thanks, I’ll look into those. I was actually going to just throw together some four exercise circuits today. Simple stuff - push/pull/legs/abs. I was going to do two or three circuits with three to four rounds through each one. It’d be conditioning and full body training all at the same time. But I looked at my notebook and had actually planned some stuff for today so I went with that. It didn’t work out.

I’m heading back to the Y tonight. Santa is coming and my daughter’s Kid Zone friend will be there so I’m taking her. I’m not sure if I have to stay or if it’s going to be a drop off like normal. If so, then I’ll probably go finish what I started this morning.


More Training

My daughter wanted to play in the Kid Zone after seeing her friend so I did some foam rolling and a couple of backwards drop sets.

65 x 20
80 x 15
95 x 5
65 x 10

65 x 15
80 x 10
40 x 15

No rest between sets of leg curls or Lat raises. The Lat raise machine didn’t let me isolate my delts as well as cables so I walked away with a delt and trap pump. It’s not the worst feeling in the world.



Woke at 239.0 lbs. I didn’t eat much yesterday so this is disappointing. I did, however, eat six pieces of deer jerky that was quite salty.

For the second Tuesday in a row I’m home with a sick kid. My son has a stomach bug. He seems to be doing fine but I’m not taking him to the Y to spread it around.

My plan for the day was to ride the Air Dyne again but that’s out. I’m thinking about killing myself with Barbara but subbing inverted rows for push ups.

5 Rounds for Time

20 inverted rows
30 push ups
40 sit ups
50 air squats
Rest 3 min

Well, that’s 12 minutes of rest so I’m guessing this might take awhile…great. I miss barbells.



Rx: 5 rounds. I did 3.

Pull ups x 20 (I did inverted row)
Push Ups x 30
Sit ups x 40
Air Squat x 50
Rest 3 minutes

Round 1
4:18, everything unbroken except sit ups (30, 10)

Round 2
4:55. Rows and squats unbroken. Push ups - 24 unbroken. Sit ups - 20 unbroken.

Round 3
5:50. Rows and squats unbroken. Push ups - 15 unbroken. Sit ups - 20 unbroken.

Total time - 21:18. Nausea arrived shortly after I shut it down. I’m still sitting on my bench waiting for it to pass so I can move.

Those sets of squats seem to go on forever.


Back for More

I felt guilty for quitting early (even though I was failing reps) so I came back for two more rounds. I had a little over an hour to recover. It helped but I was still hurting.

Round 4
4:23. Everything was unbroken except push ups. I made it to 23.

Round 5
5:01. Squats and rows unbroken. Push ups - 20 unbroken. Sit ups - 20 unbroken.

I snapped a photo of my leg while I rested. It looks like it’s close to the size of my torso so that’s a win…is that a thing?

I also did some makeshift band YTWL raises.