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JMaier31 Tries a Bro Split



Dude you are not taking any time off!

You are entering a full time 6-7 day a week rehab protocol for the shoulder and hip. Balancing mobility and the smaller stabilizer structures while flooding g the area with blood flow.

You are gonna be much better on the other side of this. But don’t for a minute ever think you are taking time off. You are shifting training focus from growth and numbers to mobility and rehab practicing discipline in training and teaching your body movement is good and doesn’t have to create pain.

Give yourself at least 6 weeks. Then reevaluate. Walk find some BW work that will heal and strengthen you. Lift some light stuff occasionally that causes zero pain light to rehab is the key.


This is a REALLY good post, and the exact mindset you need right now J.

As far as a specific rehab protocol, I’m sure we can help. First, commit to taking time off loading all exercises. You need some healing.

If inflammation is an issue, 2x400mg IB is not enough. My protocols in the past have been 4x400mg. 1600mg/day.

Start walking. A few miles per day would be good, if you can make the time.

I feel pretty confident that strengthening is the answer vs stretching/mobility, but the right amount of both is the answer.

For the shoulders, begin with 2 x 2 min active hangs. Then perform the super D protocol 2x. Then 3X10 YTWLs.

For the hips, begin with rolling the hip flexors, quads, glute med/max. I like a lacrosse ball for the glutes in fig 4. Next, hit side planks with the top leg abducting, for say 3x10. https://youtu.be/A8VmXRbB8iw
Then work some hollow holds to help with strengthening lower core and reinforce pelvic positioning, 2 x max. You may want to watch a vid and start with a regression. It’s a hard move done correctly. Then work on strengthening your hip flexors, this is a good one: https://youtu.be/7PmC1KG0hc8

You can also play around with Copenhagen side planks. Start with a simple isometric hold. Then you can move into progressions.

I wouldn’t stretch much.

Hope this helps. @FlatsFarmer can add some thoughts I’m sure.

Maple Syrup Strength (littlesleeper)

I have one of these. I guess it’s time to use it for more than rollouts.


@FlatsFarmer for the win.



Woke at 240.2 lbs.

I slept horribly last night. I couldn’t fall asleep. I think it’s because of the drainage again. I might go to the doctor today but last time was a waste of a trip because they said it was probably viral and I just got to ride it out for 2+ weeks. That was a whole 2-3 weeks ago so I’m in a bad stretch here.

I did some foam rolling last night and worked on my feet and lower legs a bit. My feet are in bad shape. I don’t know how they got so tight. It could be because I stopped wearing orthotics full time. I had a decent pair but they were in a pair of shoes that were stolen off my back porch. The company that sells them claims they’re “custom fit” but it’s like buying the Dr Scholls stuff at Wal Mart. They have a bunch of pre-made stuff and you just try different ones until one fits your foot. They charge $450 for one set. I’m not paying that again. I can get some custom molded ones from the prosthetic store starting at $140.

One of the reasons I’ve been so beat up and negative lately is that things are all coming to a head. This dumb rental house that we’ve been fixing up has been a nightmare. It’s finally finished but we’re out of money and people need to be paid. We went from financial security to being fucking broke because of this. The smallest unexpected cost stresses me out now. I can’t even think about buying orthotics because things are that tight. I feel the weight of the world on me every day and it’s just wearing me out.

If I just owed money to banks or businesses then I wouldn’t worry, but I owe money to people who have performed the work. They have families and Christmas gifts to buy too. I can’t let them down because I failed with my money. I’m refinancing my other rental house but the bank is moving slow. Once the equity comes I should at least be able to pay off the contractors. I’m just running out of time. I was told like three weeks ago that we should close the first week of December (last week). I was told two Wednesdays ago that I’d have a closing date the next day (Thursday Nov 29th) and I still don’t have it.

It just seems that no one can tell me the truth when estimating costs. My current contractor is a great guy but three to four weeks ago he told me he thought he’d only be another $3000. We’ll I’ve paid him $4200 since then and I still owe close to another $3000. I can’t catch a break.


If the contractor can’t give an accounting for every penny of overage cost then I would be skeptical of him. I ran a contracting business before I taught and I saw people get ripped off all the time.

They usually called me when the other guys screwed up a job and over ran cost to have an honest guy come finish.


Change orders are the devil. Hope you’re not just taking his word for it. It’s a slippery slope, especially if you are not involved in the intimate details.


Try to remember, this is only a small phase in life. Dont let it take you out. Figure it out, like you’re doing, and get past it. You’ll be fine, you’re smart and dedicated to success. Happens to everyone.


Whatever you decide to do training wise, keep using the roller for awhile. If your feet and calves were that tight without you realizing, who knows what else is tight and not moving smoothly?


He gives me every receipt for materials. It just seems that everything in the process has taken more time or materials than he expected. Part of it is what the first contractor failed to do.

I’m going to try to start at the bottom and work my way up. It might take months to get stuff to loosen up though. It’s easy to skip rolling and stretching for a day or two. It’s not all that enjoyable so it’s tough to force myself to do it for very long, but I’m hoping a little bit most days of the week will have a positive effect.


A positive thought for the day: I got two free meals thanks to some leftover food at the station.


Spent some time flopping around on the floor tonight doing some foam rolling and a bit of stretching. I found The Stick and used that on my feet and anterior tibialis. Go figure, it’s tight as hell. This is going to be a process. I just need to stick with it.


All independent contractors are assholes out for only themselves. They have no problem ripping you off for tens of thousands of dollars and months of time (at least), so why do you need to pay them “on time”?



Woke up sick and weighing 239.0 lbs.

I had an odd morning. I’ve been planning to go to the doctor (again) for this sinus crap. The rest of my body feels so off today that I’ve barely noticed my sinus problems. I woke up feeling normal. I went to pee and my gut started cramping. I had to switch it up and sit down real quick. My intestines were angry. I was in pain for awhile and even broke out into a sweat. I managed to finish up after a couple of minutes and laid on the floor. I felt some gas move down the line a bit in my stomach and that alleviated the pain.

My son was up so I went to get him. I was changing his diaper and it hit me again. I felt chilled and weak. I’ve recovered since then but I’ve been cold all morning. My temperature is in the 97’s. The first time I took it, it was in the 95’s. Other than feeling cold I feel alright now. I’m starting to notice my sinus pressure so I guess I’m getting back to normal.

I blame it on the two massive servings of veggies I had at work yesterday. They were leftovers from a catered event the night before. I’m just glad I didn’t end up puking all day. I feel pretty weak so I don’t think I’ll be going to the gym today or training at home. I did some foam rolling and a couple of band exercises for my hips this morning.


That’s shitty. It’s hard for me to trust vegetables in general, but leftover veggies? Nah… I do applaud you for making healthy choices, though. First it was the romaine lettuce, now it’s this… vegetables are out to get us, man


My trip to the chiropractor was great. I’m all sorts of jacked up. My pelvis was off and my legs weren’t the same length (you know what I mean).

He worked on my hip, my hamstring, and my bicep. I think my hamstring has been a result of the problems with my hip so that’s the least of my concerns. He found that my adductors on the left leg (bad leg) are super tight. This can cause internal rotation of the femur during movements. This can cause a tight TFL on the outside as a result. This could all lead to damage in the joint like a torn labrum.

My first priority is to roll and stretch the adductors more. He’s going to work on them when I go back next week. This may not be the source of my problem but it’s a start.

Other theories are that the muscles are still guarding the joint as if it’s still hurt even if it’s not. The joint could also be damaged again justifying the guarding. The plus side is that he didn’t feel any catching or clicking when moving my leg around. He said he can usually feel it when the labrum is torn.

There’s a chance my biceps tendon problem can be remedied too. The tissue below the groove is tight. If we can loosen it up then perhaps it will give my biceps enough additional length so that the tendon doesn’t pop out of the groove when it’s pulled of my the muscle.

Sorting my QL Out Once and for All


They are truely witch doctors

Funnily enough, if you have been working your feet soles that could be a reason for your sinus playing up
The whole Chinese remedies shtick has been done to death but there are so many pressure points in your feet that it does lead to other parts of your body releasing enzymes and bacteria that plays havoc everywhere else.
Look it up, remarkable stuff
Glad you’ve had a mini break through mate


Really really hope he can do wonders for you J.
It seems he have found some areas to work on.
And him not thinking it a torn labrum sounds great.

Keep working on it, would love to see you back during 2019.



Woke at 239.8 lbs. It’s nice to see numbers below 240 again. I thought I’d broke that plateau last week but I guess not.

I realized yesterday that it’s been four days since I did anything. I need to put some work in today but I’m not overly motivated at the moment. I took some Nyquil before bed. That stuff is great for sleeping, but terrible for waking up.

My daughter seems to have a cold or something so she stayed home from school today. That cancels my trip to the Y. I was planning to do intervals on the assault bike. I’ll have to force myself to do Cindy in the basement at some point today.