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JMaier31 Tries a Bro Split



One of the employees at the Y approached me as I was trying to recover. He recognized me as one of the people who frequently uses the power rack and deadlift platform. He basically told me Christmas is coming to the Y. Soon the gym will have two platforms built into half power racks made by Hammer Strength. He also ordered 2000 pounds of calibrated plates and another set of bumper plates.

It’s going to be really tough to avoid squats and deadlifts. F*** this hip.

Oh, yeah. All of the benches, leg presses, and Smith machines are getting replaced too.


Damn you’re having a hard time J. But nice with some new gear, it’ll motivated you even more to get that hip healed up.

Was it the circuit that finished you or just a bad day at the gym


It was the circuit. My heart rate was pretty high all throughout. I rested between exercises but I tried to push the pace. I took zero rest between leg curls and rows but started huffing and puffing after those. I took anywhere from five to 15 breaths between exercises.

The clock struck 12 minutes right as I finished so I had a good day training wise. It wasn’t fun or glamorous but it was good considering conditioning is a high priority. 12 minutes of mostly continuous work doing strength movements is pretty solid.

I just could shake the nausea today though. I don’t know what set it off. I had plenty of carbs pre-workout and was in the basketball gym for an hour before I hit the weights. I wondered if my blood sugar crashed. I tried to get it up quickly with the Starbursts but they had little effect today.

The bad thing about circuit style training is that the feelings are delayed. I felt okay while I was doing the circuit. If I’d felt myself fading then I would’ve stopped at three rounds, but I felt fine. Once I stopped it hit me like a truck. I don’t know if you’ve ever used smokeless tobacco but it’s kind of like the first time you have a dip. You get a buzz and feel great and you want to continue feeling that way so you leave the dip in longer. Unfortunately soon after that you start to feel nauseous. You spit the dip out but there is a delayed effect so you get worse before you start to get better. Most people end up puking.

That’s how my circuit training fatigue feels! :joy:


Dinner was a bit savage like tonight. This is as close as I’ll get to paleo - turkey thigh and leg eaten with bare hands. I couldn’t find a way to use the fork.


That’s awesome. Hammer Strength gets a bad rap in some circles I think, but I’ve always liked their stuff. I even have a Hammer Strength shirt. But I’m gonna echo what mort said and say that if nothing else, it’ll test your self-control and act as motivation for you to go hard af with your rehab, if or when that’s ever on the agenda.


I really like the plate loaded hammer strength machines. I haven’t used them as extensively as I’d like since I have a home gym, but the back machines always seem to track pretty perfectly for me.



Woke at 237.8 lbs.

I think I’m going to abuse myself with more basketball today.

@lava2007 @mr.v3lv3t, I love the Hammer Strength stuff. I used to do all of my rows on the multi handle chest supported machine. The Iso Lateral Pull Down works the back like no other movement. The only machine I don’t like is the shoulder press because I don’t like pressing in that particular positron. They make the only machines that allow your arms to work independently.


I forgot to mention that I strained my right hamstring again yesterday. This is the third time since the first part of November. All I did was bend over to grab the ball after it was deflected. What’s wrong with me?


What the fuck!? I just got a bill for my injection. They charged $1132! I owe $646. It didn’t even work.

I guess I should’ve asked but I also think they should bring that shit up when you schedule it.

“By the way, this procedure will take about three minutes but we’re going to bill you at the rate of $400 per minute.”

My surgery barely cost me that much.


Healthcare is a racket man. That’s brutal.


I was unaware that my deductible went up to $750. It used to be $500. It’s not like I have a choice though. It’s pretty much “Pay this” and the only answer available is “Okay”.

The good thing about medical bills is that they can’t apply interest so they’ll get their money whenever I’m ready. And I’m thinking it’ll be well into 2019.


From a week or so ago? This looks pretty light for your strength levels. Just working on pulling as high as possible, or as fast as possible, or what? I’d think you’d struggle NOT to pull that above your head. Great trap workout thought bc of the catch/stretch at the bottom between reps.


I love capitalism, but it definitely has its drawbacks. The medical field has devolved from a helpful, life-saving industry to a helpful, life-saving industry that does its best to gouge you every chance they get.

If I get charged $1,132 for ANYTHING, it’d better fucking work. I don’t care if the deductible is 100%–someone is paying for it, somehow.


Shut up man, that sucks.
They should have told you that.
I’ll put a lot of swearing here and just say I feel for you.
And your wife and kid, no christmas presents for them now.


That’s why I’m not paying the bill for awhile. There’s nothing they can do about it. They can’t charge interest or late fees for medical bills.

They were light but they worked the muscles. I’ve been using them in circuits/complexes. In but pushing my strength right now. I’m trying to get into shape. I feel terrible during basketball but I my perception might be off.

I run my fitbit during the games and they take anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes. It occurred to me today that there is more rest in a basketball game. Free throws and media timeouts are a lot different than playing for 10 minutes straight.

I need to get into better shape but maybe that’s why I’m feeling so gassed.



I played four games over two hours. Played a game, sat a game, played a game, sat a game, played two games and it was time to pick my son up from the Kid Zone.

My son has basically been sick for about five weeks. We’ve been to the doctor twice and I’ve been told “it’s probably viral” so no meds were given. Luckily, our primary doctor at least gave me a prescription in case he got worse. We’re going to use that today. The poor guy has a ton of drainage and it’s choking him. He puked on the car ride home. I can’t take him anywhere like this so I had to cancel my chiropractor appointment. I can’t get in for two more weeks now.



Woke at 240.4 lbs. I did not eat right last night. I had two quesadillas (two tortillas for each) and a couple of cinnamon rolls for dinner. My stomach was less defined this morning. I also had a couple beers and two glasses of wine. Not a good night for health.

My body hurts all over from basketball. I’m not sure what I’m going to do today. My son is still coughing a ton.


“Free” healthcare up here, but you get what you pay for.


I would say that it was a very good night for health.
Anything done to the extremes is not good for health or anything for that matter.
Good food, beer and wine is quality, take it to extremes and it’s not.
I’ll bet you felt good going to bed :slight_smile:


In some cases that could be great. In other cases, you die (or so I’ve heard).

I fell asleep very fast and that was a good thing because my wife was irritating me. We made a bad financial decision last year but I led the way. We bought a house to use as a rental property but it needed work. Well, it needed way more work than I thought and it’s killing us. It’s almost done but it’s drained our savings.

Last night we had two separate blankets on the bed because she was washing the main one. I told her we should just get a comforter–you know, the blankets made for beds. She said they’re just for decoration. Well I’ve used them my entire life and always enjoyed their warmth. We haven’t had one for years because she doesn’t like them. So last night she says “I’ve worked so hard and I’ve done so much and we can’t even buy a comforter.” Well, that just comes off as “We can’t afford anything because you screwed up.”

We both work hard and make damn near the exact same amount of money so I thought we were partners/equals. We discussed the decision beforehand. But, of course, after it went south it was my decision, not ours. She trusted me but she “knew” this would happen. I wish she would’ve told me beforehand. She would’ve been right and possibly saved us the headache. She’s told me like six times how she’s worked so hard and feels like a failure because we can’t afford extras right now. It sure does make me feel like shit.

At the very least I was able to just stay quiet last night. The booze helped me to fall asleep quite easily and I didn’t say anything I regret.