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JMaier31 Tries a Bro Split



I had PT post OP and all I did was hip abduction, adduction, single leg step ups, lunges, and glute bridge. I don’t feel like any on those muscles are asleep. I think I tore my hip labrum again and my body is guarding it.

And you’re right. The list of things I can do without pain continues to shrink. I went through this last year too.

In regards to my shoulder i
I’m just hoping it continues to improve. I think the biceps tendon is popping out of the groove. It doesn’t do it as much now compared to when I first hurt it, but it still moves if I’m not careful.

If it doesn’t get better then I may have to talk to the ortho guy again.


The problem with step ups and lunges and most movements is the External Focus. When you’re abd or adducting or lunging its possible to cheat. Basically to move to the limit of your hip motion, then subtly arch your back (tight QL)or move your knee or twist or shimmy to complete the movement.

You’re an athlete and have probably been living with this for a long time, so you’re great at cheating and making up for limited joint ROM with all kinds of tricks. You probably don’t even feel it anymore.

Your therapists were most likely concerned with getting you to some standard based on lunging or steping up, but not based on Degrees of Motion in your actual hip capsule. The external focus is on the performance, like doing a squat or completing a step up.

They probably didn’t focus 100 % “inside” your hip joint. You have to learn how to move your femur independant of your pelvis. If they didn’t put you on the table and cue you to hold your hips square and motionless while they moved your “femur ball” around the socket, they skipped the fundamental step. You need to make those bones “disassociate” or move independently of eachother. This is the Internal focus.

Like taking the race car in for a pit stop to fix things up (internal focus) before you get back out there to finish the race ( external focus).

Regarding the shoulder. There is a little muscle between your bicep and pec that goes across the front of your shoulder. It can get tight and be a problem. Anyway, check out this thread about shoulder impingment and serratus activation.




Woke at 239.6 lbs.

Today is a rest day and I’m glad. I don’t know what I’ll do tomorrow. I’m considering shutting down deadlifts. I know they aggravate my hip. I could replace the time I spend on The Daily Dose with something else like push ups and hip exercises. I could do little body weight circuits on those days to hit abs, glute bridges, lateral walks, etc. We’ll see if I actually do it…

One positive is that it’ll shorten my lifting sessions. I’ll probably still do some clean pulls and high pulls during my circuits so I’ll still get a little pulling work, but it’s been taking me 20 minutes to do deadlifts and clean pulls. Now I can just jump straight into my circuit. Hopefully I won’t have to stop short anymore. I’d prefer to do two or three mini circuits (like Alpha’s giant sets, except I don’t rest).


That’s where I’m at with front squats. Trying to do them every other day reminded me why I don’t squat three times each week (it aggravates my hip.)

Sounds like we’re both reevaluating and prioritizing health and rehab.


I still think I could get to a 600 lb deadlift through sheer stubbornness.


I don’t doubt it, but I think doing so right now would impinge on your long-term strength potential.

I just asked myself this question, and I think it’s relevant in your situation, too - what if we use our sheer stubbornness to aggressively rehab?

Instead of taking the “easy way out” and primarily training compound lifts with therapy for assistance, what would we accomplish in one or two short months by doing therapy as the primary exercise and a couple fun lifts each day as assistance (ha, emotional assistance aka motivation to power through the therapy)?


I don’t really know what I’d get out of it. I basically did that post-op but nothing was addressing my psoas. Everything attacked my glutes with abduction adduction work. The result was that I was healthy for a few months and then I relapsed…

I’m finding step one to that plan to be elusive. Step one is identifying the problem. I’m still not certain… I’ll start researching how to address a tight psoas.


That’s often the hardest part - identifying the problem/s. YouTube videos abound for relaxing hip muscles. The work will lay in sifting through the info, trying various methods, and discovering what helps. I did this a bit last December, and it was somewhat helpful.

How are you going to approach this?


For training I’ll try to keep pulls but I’ll drop deadlifts. I’ll do lunges and split squats mostly for leg work and I’ll continue doing circuits. I’ll probably comprise my circuits of a push, pull, leg, and ab movement and do a couple on Mon/Wed/Fri.

I’m not sure what I’ll be doing to actually treat my psoas. I haven’t started researching yet.


Well, crap. I watched several videos on diagnosing and treating a tight and/or weak psoas and I don’t really have a problem. The stretches/tests that reveal it don’t do much for me.

One test is to lie face down and lift your leg while keeping it straight (hip extension). My injured hip is better than my right one.

I don’t really know what to do. I have an appt with my chiro who does ART Tuesday. I’ll ask him to dig around and see if he has a guess as to why I’m still jacked up.

I have tight muscles around my hip but that could be an effect. My chiro who does the needling told me last year that my body could be guarding the injury. I don’t think I had any tightness until the pain came back in July so I can’t argue with that theory.


On the upside, you now know one thing it isn’t. Eliminating an option is a step in the right direction. And asking your chiro is a good idea.


Man, hips are so hard to diagnose because it’s literally the epicentre of your body and everything feeds off it

Work your way down, how are your knees, calves and feet?



Woke at 239.6 again which is a huge win because I had pizza for dinner last night.

Well, my calves suck. They’ve been tight for years - especially the right one. Lately my left foot has felt like it’s bruised on the outside but I can’t recall hitting it on anything. I definitely need to roll my feet and calves out.

My left knee pops on the outside when I go down stairs but I’ve been assuming that’s a result of the tightness in my hip. It’s at the IT band insertion.


Yeah they would 100% cause a reaction to your hip
I remember a lingering pain in my hip a few years ago caused my a broken toe
Everything adjusts itself to find comfort and my foot angle just changed a small bit, and it threw my hip out


Damn! My calves are so tight that I just sit on the floor and roll one leg at a time. The weight of my leg is enough; I don’t have to lift my body up to increase the pressure.

For a little reference, my roller is a mean sonofabitch.


Here’s the BEST way to stretch the calves that I’ve ever come across:


It’s a rocker-stretcher. After my leg injury, a physical therapist told me about them. This looks like the same model I have, and it’s held up for a decade.


I’ve seen one of those. I just need to find a tennis ball. One of the Stretch & Roll classes I attended at the Y has us use a tennis ball to roll out our feet. It hurts but it’s probably a good place to start for me.


Rolling on a tennis ball or lacrosse ball is hell but it does work



Woke at 237.4 lbs. Now we’re talking! I’m probably going to lose the T-ransformation Challenge since I’m getting a head start on my fat loss but I can’t help myself. I’m ready to cut back to an athletic weight now and I’m not going to wait for a silly online challenge. I’m hoping to have a shot at most improved though.



2 consecutive games. I was there for an hour but only actually played for about 24 minutes.

CIRCUIT #1 (4 Rounds in 12:00)
Lying Leg Curl 110 x 15, 10, 10, 10
Machine Row 145 x 10 x 4 sets
Walking Lunge BW x 10 ea x 4 sets
Push Ups BW x 15 x 4 sets

And it turns out that would be the only circuit. Heart rate 180. Nauseous. Dammit. It took me 12 more minutes to do anything else.

40 x 10 x 3 sets ea
I struggled like hell to just do these.

That’s it. I threw in the towel. I spent about 31 minutes total trying to lift and another 10 or so trying to leave.