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JMaier31 Tries a Bro Split



Duke, this is one of those injuries that won’t get worse with neglect. I had surgery once and look at me now - right back where I started. I can’t have surgery every December and spend four months on the shelf, three months fully recovering and then starting over.

My short term goal is improved conditioning and bigger shoulders. Everything else is on the back burner (maintenance). If my shoulder wasn’t jacked up then I’d drop deadlifts for power cleans and clean pulls. But I can’t.



Basketball - three games. Basketball was good but I was terrible. I felt good though so the day off worked. I wasn’t winded and my legs didn’t burn.

225 x 3
275 x 2
315 x 1
375 x 1 x 5 sets

135 x 3
165 x 5 x 4 sets
superset with
70 x 10 x 3 sets ea

135 x 5 x 4 sets

I used my two hours so I had to stop there but I hit my shoulders. One side of me thinks that wasn’t enough volume. The other side of me hopes that doing this type of work three times a week is enough to get some growth.


I’m glad it won’t get worse.


Last year the doctor told me I had three options.

  1. Avoid things that hurt
  2. Try an injection
  3. Surgery

I guess now I’ll try option 1. I’ve already tried 3 and 2.


I can relate. That’s why I’ve found @simo74 and @ActivitiesGuy logs eye-opening, challenging, and reassuring.


We must be related.
I don’t feel/understand pain like normal people.
I hate stopping.
I had the same discussion with my BF many time, still can’t figure why I am like that.


It’s time for alllll the growth hormone :slight_smile: (fyi I have zero idea what I’m talking about)


Shoulders are one of those annoying muscle groups that don’t seem to grow for me no matter what I do. Of course, I’ve never focused specifically on shoulders. When I see a gym buddy and he tells me that he’s got “shoulder day,” he automatically loses some credibility with me. Shoulders don’t need their own day…or so I thought. Maybe they do.

I’ve been considering going on a bro split to start off 2019 just for a fun change of pace. I know it’s not anecdotally or scientifically superior to any other split (if anything, it’s probably inferior) but it’s fun as hell to spend an entire day on chest or quads or posterior chain.


You may be on to something! The pro athletes do it - at least they say it was prescribed by a Dr to help them heal when they fail a test.



Woke at 240.8 lbs.

I have a different work day today and tomorrow. I get to ride with someone who does a different job for the department. I’m looking forward to it. I’m hoping to learn something that will help me in the process to get on that unit but at the very least it’ll be a break from answering 911 calls.


I feel pain and respond to it appropriately (I think). I’m just tired of this. Resting didn’t help so why bother? My pain/discomfort is probably pretty minor compared to yours.


Daily Dose of Deadlift

185 x 3 x 2 sets
235 x 2
275 x 1 x 2 sets
325 x 1
375 x 1 x 5 sets


Be careful, man. Pushing through something I thought was already as bad as it could get for too long ended my last career for me. You’ve got a physical job, too; even two years of not squatting pales in comparison to finding a new livelihood (especially if you like what you do).


Well, I don’t love what I do…LOL! I just need to find a different job within the department. I’m beginning to fear deadlifts are a problem too.



Woke at 243.2 lbs…:thinking:

Well, I was super motivated to train today so I got up at 0415 to go to the Y before work. I hate getting up early. I’m already fighting sleep.



225 x 2
275 x 1
315 x 1
365 x 1
425 x 1 x 3 sets
I had about 10 hours between deadlift sessions. I felt weak/tired today so I busted out the straps. I haven’t even been taking my belt to the gym lately. I wished I had it this morning.

225 x 2
275 x 4, 3, 3

Cable Upright Row
30 x 15
40 x 10 x 2 sets

Incline Bench 1.5 reps
135 x 6 x 3 sets

Crunch Machine
155 x 12 x 3 sets

And that was it. I was out of time. It took me about 21 minutes to do deadlifts and clean pulls and I even timed my rest. What little I did felt good; I just wished I could’ve done another three exercise circuit.


Fair point, but you’ll still need your body to be the department’s physical trainer. Obviously go with your own gut, but the old man in me does feel compelled to tell you “health first.”

Probably not super-enticing to you as an athlete, but I think the John Meadows stuff is terrific for lifting without getting too beat up. I always drift back to his work (Reactive Pump is on this site). You do still end up being able to lift heavy, too. The only downside is it’s hard to still get a lot of conditioning in - his workouts are long and they make you sore - but you can always dial something down or drop abs, calves, arms, that kind of thing.

@FlatsFarmer was just helping me with some really insightful stuff in my log, so maybe can help here. @TriednTrue already posts in here, too.


I was talking to a co-worker this morning about my train wreck body. I told him how my back felt AMAZING and healthy after my surgery because I wasn’t squatting or deadlifting. I wasn’t stiff or sore. I didn’t get out of alignment. It was a nice change of pace.

Now I’m constantly stiff and sore from training—mostly deadlifts. I know that I’ll actually feel better if I stop, but I just love doing them. It’s a tough pill to swallow. I could easily drop about anything since my current goals are shoulders and conditioning. I could easily drop my deadlifts and clean pulls and continue my circuit/complex training and still train my legs enough to maintain what I have. I can even do pulls in the complexes to satisfy that urge. It’s just tough to keep dropping lifts that I like.


You’ve got all in info, let’s put it together.

You’ve got the sore hip. Torn cartilage/labrum shows your “femur ball” is in the wrong spot. Artrophy in your hip joint shows you the under-active tissue that isn’t working to hold your “femur ball” in place.

Your hip isn’t working properly, so when you do big moves other stuff has to make up for the lack of hip motion. That’s why you’re beat up after squats/deads. And in good alignment when you don’t do those lifts.

If you can “wake up” those atrophied muscles, or rehab that hip joint, or restore your hip function your hip will be stable and move better. Then big moves won’t mess you up so bad.

But you have to get that hip joint working again! And until then you can only do lifts that “fit” into the range of motion your hip has now. You have to stop messing yourself up and making it worse until you get your hip joint right. You have to figure out how to control it and make it work.

If you start only doing what doesn’t hurt and ignore the joint motion, you’ll keep losing hip ROM. More and more lifts will hurt until you’ve got none left! This path ends in a hip replacement.

But you can head that off with some focus on hip tilts and Glute activation.


Well spoken Flats.

I think you have a very good point here.

J have you seen a PT or your surgeon to get some rehab stuff to work that hip.
Make 2019 the year to sort that shit out and meanwhile work on getting big shoulders and back.


Speaking of your shoulders, you also have a shoulder impingment! Maybe from being on crutches and having your serratus go to sleep. It’s really similar to your hip. You gotta fix that too.