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JMaier31 Tries a Bro Split




Woke at 242.0 lbs.

I stayed home yesterday because my son had a runny nose. I despise parents that send their kids to places like daycare like that. My wife says there’s one little boy at daycare who is gross every day of the year. She always blames him/his parents when our son gets sick.

Today’s plan is leg day! I think I’ll try the 10 x 3 with 60 sec rest plan on Deadlift. The strength version calls for 80% but I don’t think I’m ready for that. That’d be 405 for me (on a power bar) but 235 felt heavy when I started my pulls yesterday. I’m hoping to do 365.

I’ll be doing 4 x 6 on everything else - RFESS, squats, and RDLs.


I really notice this with my powerlifting focused training. Ass, hips, legs are big and bulky, but I’m not feeling as “big” when looking in the mirror.

Looking forward to the winter when I think I’m going to adopt a bit more of a bodybuilding approach. Right now I’m thinking a Full Body 3-day template. I’ll still squat/bench/deadlift, but just in lesser quantity and intensity.

I’m also planning on working some athleticism back into my program.


I’m still considering this. It’s a good bang for your buck. I feel great after a full body session. I always feel like I put in some work but I can’t say that after yesterday’s shoulder marathon.

I also know that my legs aren’t pretty. Big or small, they’re not really appealing. They’re never defined whether it’s from body fat or inflammation. But I can make my upper body look good. It’s time to focus on that and if my legs shrink a bit then it’ll be alright. No one will notice unless I’m running around in spandex.


I really prefer full body. With my current set up, I’ve essentially got one day body heavy 5/3/1 where I hit all my main lifts - one day lighter weight higher reps full body compound lifts - one day full body isolation movements - then 2-3 days of athletic movements. Probably my favorite set-up I’ve run in quite a few years.


Shoulder Overhaul Week Two Day 2

135 x 10 x 2 sets
225 x 5
315 x 3 EMOM x 10 sets
315 felt heavy so I stopped adding weight and decided to cut 10-15 sec from my rest. I’m glad I did; I really enjoy the EMOM approach.

135 x 6
225 x 6 x 2 sets beltless
225 x 6 x 2 sets

135 x 6 ea
135 x 4 ea
I don’t know if it’s the three week layoff from a decent leg session, fatigue, or neural efficiency but these sucked! On paper in supposed to do 185 but I knew that wasn’t doable today. I was supposed to do 4 x 6 but called it early. Another problem is that my left ankle hurt when it was the support leg.

135 x 8 x 3 sets
No hamstring pain from last week’s dual hamstring strains I had from sprinting. I still meant to keep it light because the movement is always painful after a layoff.

2 games of basketball with jello legs. I didn’t exactly do a lot but I got about 18 extra minutes of movement.


Solid first day on the 10x3 my man. With 45 seconds of rest there’s barely any time to sit down or get a drink between sets!!


I had enough time to enter the set in my app and then stand there for about 25 seconds. I pulled a bench over during squats because I needed it for RFESS. I should’ve grabbed it sooner so I had a seat during deads.


Powerbuilding is your friend in looking jacked and being strong. Plus it gives the normal accessory lifts some time off.



Woke at 243.2 lbs. My dinner wasn’t healthy - store bought pizza. Today is rest day. My legs/hamstrings are sore. I’m glad I held back on RDLs.


Sore legs is a good thing. That’s what I keep telling myself. My quads cramped up twice yesterday lol


I screwed up though. I’m supposed to plan my week so that I’m the most sore/tired on my days off. Today is my first day back to work. I did the completely wrong thing by hitting legs the day before I return to work lol!

I might have to rethink my schedule to get legs back on Mondays.


Daily Dose of Deadlift (aka 3D) Day 1

185 x 5 x 2 sets
235 x 2
275 x 2
325 x 1
375 x 1 x 3 sets

Sorry, @duketheslaya, I started early! I was sore AF today and wanted to loosen up. After my second warm up set my low back and hamstrings felt much better. I obit did three singles since I’m so sore (the program calls for 3-5 singles). I’m using 500 lbs as my max since that’s the most I’ve pulled on a stiff bar.


why oh why are you throwing all these new shiny objects after me.
I feel like a raven running after each and every one.
Must stay focused for another two months then it’s DDD, no the 4 horsemen, no 531, no Built for bad, ARGH decisions :slight_smile:


This is a good one for me while I decrease my leg volume. I also enjoy it so it’s good for my mental health.



Woke at 241.4 lbs.

Tonight is conditioning, abs, 3D, and Shoulder day 2. It might be a long workout…which sucks. If I don’t haul ass then I’ll get home just as the kids go to bed. I hate it, but I might just run a mile for my warm up. It’ll be miserable but it’ll count as a warm up and conditioning and it’ll take less than 10 minutes.



Run 1 miserable mile (9:10)
A mile is six laps and the lower back pump arrived after lap one. FML.

Machine Crunch 110 x 10F/10T/10B
Cable Twist 70 x 10 ea
Push Up Plank x 45 sec
Cable Twist 70 x 10 ea

135 x 3
225 x 3
315 x 3
375 x 1 x 3 sets

245 x 2 x 5 sets (30 sec rest)

80 x 12 x 3 sets
80 x 8 + 65 x 4
50 x 12 x 2 sets

15 x 12 x 6 sets ea

10 x 12
10 x 17 (AMRAP)
10 x 12 (AMRAP)
This was supposed to be 6 sets of 12 but I’d been there long enough so I went with two sets to failure and left. The workout still took an hour.

On the plus side I feel like I accomplished something with this workout. The deadlifts and clean pulls feel good. The shoulder work feels like mindless volume. Next week I only have to do four sets.


Glad to hear it! It’s early, but the DDD looks like a keeper for you right now.



Forgot to weigh myself this morning. We’re short staffed at work. Another Bureau has even less people than us and is finishing up a homicide from last night. None of their people have been able to answer calls in their Bureau so that’s where I’ve been all morning. Luckily it hasn’t been too busy in my area or theirs. With the staff shortage I don’t know if I’ll be able to go to the gym for my lunch break (or if I’ll get a lunch break). I might just come home for lunch and knock out my deadlifts and try to get my upper body lift done tomorrow.

I’m still considering rearranging my whole week. Having sore legs during all of my work days is a bad idea. I’m tempted to add a Daily Dose of squats. I figure I’m only good for a 300 lb squat (if that) right now so my daily dose weight would be 225. I don’t think I’d be sore from that but I’d be getting good leg work every day. I only need to maintain my legs for now so it could work. I’d still keep clean pulls and my shoulder program on Mondays and Fridays. I might just add a bit more upper body to the program. It’s hard for me to train a muscle group once a week without being paranoid about going backwards. I also get quite sore by only stimulating the muscle once every 7 days.

Yep. I just really enjoy the movement. It only takes a few reps to help me loosen up too. My legs have been sore since Wednesday’s dedicated leg workout but the DDD loosens up the hamstrings. I tighten up again later but it provides some temporary relief.


Lunch Break Session at Home


185 x 3
275 x 2
325 x 1
375 x 1 x 5 sets
So I’m stupid and strained my right hamstring again. I strained both last week while running 40’s but they are pretty much healed up. I’m stiff/sore from RDL’s (still) and I threw a little stretch reflex into one of my reps and it just strained the hamstring again. It’s minor, but that was dumb.

135 x 5
225 x 1 x 5 sets
So 225 is probably too easy but I’ve decided to double down on the Daily Dose and add squats. This little session took 14:26.


Well I’ve reorganized my training spreadsheet. The goal was three full body days per week. It just doesn’t work right now. I had it set up for training Mon/Wed/Fri, but I also need to do conditioning on Tuesdays and Fridays. That makes Friday way too long since it’s the only night of the week that I train while the family is at home. I decided to do my daily dose of squats and deads plus clean pulls on Fridays after I do my conditioning and abs. It will be like last night’s session but without the marathon of shoulder training. I think it can be a reasonably quick session. I’ll warm up, do some running, do a quick ab circuit, and then hit 5 x 1 on squats and deads and then finish with clean pulls. I think it could be a 30-45 minute session and that’s perfectly reasonable. I could also do it at home but I doubt I ever do because the treadmill slips. I don’t want to break it.

On Saturdays I’ll just have a bit of upper body work to do and it should go quickly. It’s something I can do at the work gym during my lunch break.

I’m also starting over on The Daily Dose program so Monday will be day 1. There’s really no change except I’ll get a few more days at 75% before I jump up to 80% on day 7.