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JMaier31 Tries a Bro Split



No, no, no. I think it just allowed her to feel the symptoms of tendinitis. I loved that PA. She just left my doctor’s office for a better paying and more versatile job.

And look what I just found… This is exactly what I showed the new Doc. Exactly!

A specific diagnostic finding includes actual translation of the biceps tendon outside its sheath. This translation can be elicited by having the patient actively supinate their forearm (turn their palm up) while keeping his or her elbow at their side. The feeling of a clunk (the tendon slipping over the groove) is diagnostic. This finding is very uncommon due to the depth of the tendon within the groove.

And here’s the worst case scenario for treatment. Conservative treatment is rest, anti inflammatories, the usual. I don’t think my rotator cuff is torn though. I pass all of those tests. I’d bet that if it’s the tendon then I’m on the less severe side of things. You gotta love the internet and the freedom to research your ailments and jump to conclusions! :joy:

Surgical treatment should focus on concomitant issues such as rotator cuff or labral pathology. The most common surgical technique used to address subluxation is known as “tenodesis” in which the long head biceps tendon is stabilized within the groove. Tenodesis may involve either arthroscopic or open removal of a portion of the long head of the biceps tendon proximal to (above) the area of instability, and direct reattachment using drill holes, suture anchors, or sutures into the bone or soft tissue.



Woke at 240.2 lbs.

Managed to get in some sort of workout.

8 min (level 5 / incline 10) 0.70 miles.

Barbell Rollout 25s x 10
Full V Up x 10
Cable Twist 70 x 10 ea
Back Ext 45 x 15

95 x 12 x 3 sets
I started to do this as a warm up set but it turned out to be the perfect weight.

SA CABLE UPRIGHT ROW (a la Paul Carter’s recent article)
15 x 12 x 3 sets ea

20 x 12
20 x 8
20 x 8 drop set
10 x 8

50 x 12 x 3 sets ea

Today was supposed to be conditioning and abs. I failed at both. I have a little life stress weighing on me at the moment and I wasn’t into this workout. My abs cramped again so one round of the circuit was enough. They cramped on Tuesday too. I wasn’t feeling and conditioning tonight.



Woke at 242.0 lbs.

I should be at the gym doing an upper body workout right now (it’s quiet at work), but I don’t really feel like it. I don’t feel like doing anything. This stupid self-induced life stress kind of has me in a “fuck it” mindset for the time being.


Hey man, when life hits you, deal with that.
You’ll be back in the gym soon.
So “Fuck it” Mr. Maier, I’m usually hitting the street and let it out on some poor soul :slight_smile:



I’ve been really tired and really hungry most of the day. It occurred to me that I’m under stress so my body has been in the stress response (aka fight or flight) mode for quite a while. That can wear you out and increase hunger. The bad part is that you don’t need the food unless you’re actually doing something physical. I decided to force myself to go train to burn off some stress.

40 x 12
50 x 12
55 x 12
60 x 12
superset with
100 x 12
140 x 12
150 x 12
170 x 12

Shoulder felt better on DB incline than it has in a long time. Weird.

CABLE ROW (still can’t do double arm, so left arm only)
70 x 12 x 3 sets
superset with
50 x 12 x 3 sets
Doc said this would hurt; he was wrong.

Short and sweet but it got my blood flowing. I actually started to feel a bit nauseous by the end. Supersets always do that to me if I’m moving quickly.


Right there with you.

Thanks for reminding me to just pick one or two exercises I enjoy and do 'em for stress relief. That’s my plan - several days a week, do 1-3 exercises, keeping the total session very short, possibly alternating between upper body and lower body.

My challenge is I don’t have the equipment to do my favorite lifts (heavy deadlifts and pullups) and my shoulder won’t allow me to do heavy presses right now. I’m not going to let those little limitations stop me, though. They’re small situations I need to make adjustments for while staying focused on completing the mission. In this case, the mission is stress reduction, give myself something small to look forward to, and maintain or even build strength in the muscles, activities, and energy systems I’m able to train.

Thanks again for your encouragement in my log and candor in yours!


That’s the zone I’ve learned I need to force myself to stay in right now.



Woke at 240.4 lbs.

I looked at the program I wrote before hurting my shoulder because I was going to tweak the leg day. I should really just leave it as is. It has exercises I can do pain free and the rep scheme is fine for maintenance. It actually has a little bit of progression built into it.

I’m undecided about whether or not to move forward to week two of the Shoulder Overhaul program or stay at week one until I can do all of the exercises. I did everything from the actual shoulder program; I was just unable to do the clean work that I’d planned. I still can’t clean though. I might try clean pulls and if I can do those then maybe I’ll just do those both days. The original plan was cleans on Monday and Clean Pulls on Thursdays/Fridays.

I’ve revisited my shoulders symptoms. Doc thought I’d have pain on a cable crossover type movement. He was wrong! LOL! I had no problems with cable fly’s yesterday. The odd thing is that my shoulder felt better than it has in months when I did DB Incline. The test for biceps tendon subluxation is to hold the elbow against your body, flex it to 90 degrees, and supinate the forearm while flexing the bicep. This still causes a sharp pop in my shoulder. This is a positive test for biceps tendon subluxation. I’m beginning to think that I tore the tissue that holds the biceps tendon in the groove. But, the newfound freedom of movement has eliminated my pressing pain. Weird… (I should probably stop self diagnosing)

The downside to my current shoulder situation is that I still can’t tolerate pulling movements. The popping hurts and it the pain causes me to relax or stop pulling. The body’s good ol’ protective mechanisms and all. If the pain would stop then I could probably force it, but I don’t know that that would lead to anything positive. Repetitive snapping of the tendon would result in inflammation which leads to pain which leads to weakness and atrophy.

On the plus side, if (and this is a big if) I ended up having surgery then I’d only be in a sling for four weeks. My last shoulder surgery had me in a sling for three months. I struggled to follow their rules though.


I love what you are doing. It is great and I am certain that soon you will supplement your current paycheck with something from what you love doing with something from what you love doing.


The internet is a beautiful place. When I hurt my SI joint I was reading about it constantly. Before bed, during lunch at work, after my workout, and before bed. It’s definitely good to get a professional opinion, but the internet can give you a pretttty good idea of what’s going on and how to avoid making it worse.


The only problem is that the internet is telling me something different than the doctor. I should just shut up and listen but nearly every injury I’ve had was worse than doctors originally thought. All the conservative “wait and see” crap just prolonged my problem. It’s made me impatient.

I definitely shouldn’t want another surgery but if something is broke and that’s the way to fix it then I’m ready.



Woke at 241.4 lbs.

I’m currently at the doctor with my son. We both have some sort of cold that started in the chest with a cough. We’ve battled it for a week but it hasn’t improved. Time for some meds.

I’m not going to the gym today. I might goof around in the home gym this afternoon.


Take it easy Big J, get rid of the cold and do some easy workouts.
And if your program is as good as you think, do it man.


My wife and one of my daughters are sick and on meds right now. Same crap, bad cough. Lots of junk going around.

Feel better. Train if you feel like it!


:eyes: watching you recover man.



Woke around 244 lbs.

The junk I have is viral so no meds. Awesome.

I didn’t train yesterday. I was busy on the computer trying to take care of some busy work that will hopefully alleviate the bad situation I’ve created.

I’ll go to the gym today to at least do my shoulder workout. I’m not too sure if I’ll do a good job with my conditioning.


AM Workout (at home)

CONDITIONING (half assed)
Treadmill: walk 1 min, jog 2 min x 4 + 1 extra min walking.

Walk @ 3.0 mph, jog @ 6.0 mph except last one. It was 7.0 mph.

Treadmill slips with my fat ass on it so I won’t be doing much of this in the future. This wasn’t a tough workout; I just can’t force myself to struggle while jogging. I hate it.

3 x 10

185 x 3
235 x 3 x 2 sure
255 x 3 x 4 sets

3 x 10

Did alternating sets of pulls and abs for the most part. I’ll head back down to do my shoulder program during my son’s nap.


PM Training

Shoulder Overhaul Week Two

Band Face Pulls 2 x 20
Push Ups 2 x 15

SEATED OHP (no back support)
95 x 12
85 x 12
85 x 10
75 x 8
75 x 9
75 x 10
I did standing OHP Friday and hit 95 for 3 x 12. I guess sitting down is harder? This hurt my shoulder at the start but I could tolerate a narrow grip. My grip got wider with each set and I had no pain.

10s x 15 x 6 sets

10 x 15 x 6 sets

25 x 25-5-3
Left arm only; double rest/pause.

The morning lifting session took 18 minutes. This one was closer to 50 minutes. Lots of volume. I can’t say that every set was a grind but I couldn’t do any more weight either.


I’m not totally sure about the certain amount of muscle thing. Know that I’ve never gotten to my “certain amount”. What I can say is that I’ve done a ton more shoulder work over the last 6 weeks. And had major gains on my delts and overall shoulder width with no losses anywhere else. Now, I will also note that I just started pressing again, but feel as wide at the shoulders as I’ve ever been.


Glad to hear it!

I think most of my weight gain has been in my legs and rear. That’s not a bad thing but I’m only marginally stronger and my speed/power haven’t improved.

I’d like to add some size to my shoulders so that’s my new focus. Everything else is being trained for maintenance.