JM Press in the Strength Workout for Natural Lifters?

Hi Christian, I would like to know witch exercise is a good alternative to the JM Press. I thinked about doing Weight Dips instead of the JM press i don’t know if it’s a good alternative. What do you think ?

I think that the JM press is a complex mouvement to do when you don’t have someone to coach you how to do it. Scared to do it in bad way !

Btw im doing your Strenght workout for natural lifters that’s in this program i would like to change the jm press.



Eric Spotto likes to do them in the smith machine, it’s safer. I had really good feelings this way

A JM press is like the good morning equivalent of the bench press.

It’s almost like you’re emphasizing ‘bad’ positioning on the bench press.

In a regular bench press, you want the bar, your wrist, and your elbow in a straight line perpendicular to the ground. Sometimes, people will let the elbow travel in front of the wrist and bar or the wrist/bar will travel behind the elbow or some of both and this puts a lot more tension on the tris and elbows while taking away from the chest/shoulders/etc.

So with the JM, you’re intentionally committing this ‘error’. With a good morning, it’s kind of like a squat gone bad where the bar gets forward of the center of the foot. That’s why I liken them to each other.

When you think of it this way, it isn’t at all that complicated a movement and I feel it’s much less technically demanding then say dips where there’s a lot of different compensation patterns that can occur that reduce both the effectiveness and safety of dips.

i tried it with the Smith machine ! i think my mouvement is clean ! i kinda like it

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