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JM Press Form Check


Hey everyone, i just wanted a quick form check on my JM Press

i apologize about the angle


I would tuck your elbows, it's an extension more than a press if that makes sense?

Looks like an incline setup, seen John Medows do his like that. Do you prefer it to flat?


Jm press on a smith machine? what?


Its my first time ever doing it. I did it in a smith because theres a few videos of dave tate doing it like this except he has bands on it.


I get what you mean with the whole extension. And I dont have any preference yet because that was my first time doing it. I've just seen videos of Dave Tate doing in on an incline in the smith and he's badass so i figured I'd do it like that as well haha


And what's exactly the problem in using a smith machine, if you care to explain ?


Makes you mess up your bar-path during those lucrative free-weight JM Press competitions all over the world.



you must tuck your elbows as much as possible.

True Methods to the madness, the JM press. always there brother for the triceps, also, go heavy on this one if you really wanna grow. that and train INTENSLY.
Alot of people don't think you must go batshit. well they never grew stronger.
The CNS, and this is VERY WELL documented in the works of Thibaeadeau and other amazing trainers. Going ON emphasizes the cns.
You arent aproaching the weights with agression.
Remember that aggresion leads to an increase in serum test. :wink:

Part animal, part machine


Yep, definitely need to tuck the elbows. Looks like too much weight for you right now.


I don't get it

Its just a skullcrusher right?


yeah I recorded this on my last set so the weight was on the heavier set. Like I said earlier it was my first time doing this so it was more testing out the waters and finding my limit. Definitely going to tuck my elbows more next time though thanks.


Its kind of like a skullcrusher/extension mixed with a press movement


Skullcrusher to the chest in a straight line basically.


after watching more videos of Dave Tate and John Meadows, it seems that they lower the bar more towards their face/chin area as apposed to their chest


What's the benefit of doing it on an incline?


Not really to sure, I just know Dave Tate does it so I thought I'd give it a try. I guess it just works it from another angle


Good evening..

I put a video up on these recently and I had the camera guy swing around to the side so you could see the angle. These are awesome, and if you use bands they are even tougher.


great video,coach.


Thanks for the video !


The problem here:

There are 50 million different definitions of what a JM press is. I asked Louie how he and his guys do it now-a-days and there is no way in hell you could do what he showed me in a smith machine. It's all accomplishing the same thing but, Jesus, its such a simple movement that everyone just complicates the shit out of.