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JLO's Log and Kitties


So here it is. I have not been very motivated lately to do much of anything so maybe this will help. With the hubby( DJHT) pushing me to do this, I'll give it a try. And with the encouragement of others (Peaches) we'll see how it goes. And oh yes, kitty pics. Can't ever have enough kitty pics. Well I've always been in some form of exercise, cardio, even taught aerobic classes way way back in the day.

Never had a desire to pick up a bar or barbells, but started crossfit, yes crossfit, and no im not a koolaid drinker, but it got me interested in the oly lifts and actually lifting. So the hubby is a muscle head and has bugged me forever and a day to lift. So I'm starting to do some lifting and need to get motivated to do it more.

Some stats:
PR's: Deadlift 205, Push press, 115, back squat 185, front squats 155. Those are the only ones I can remember at this point. I'm short, no really, very very short, I say 5 feet, hubby says 4'10. so yeah just above the height where I don't need a booster seat to be in the car :slight_smile: Weight 125ish. Scale is not my friend, considering I'm bigger in some areas and not so much proportionate, hence the JLO name. So I will be logging my xfit and lifting workouts here. Any just maybe get out of this funk I'm in.

Todays workout:
15 back squats @115
10 T2E (toes to elbows, hanging)
300 meter run
x 5 rounds
time 24:47

Felt like doing heavy so rested a bit and worked up to my 185 back squats. I could have prob done heavier but after 75 back squats in the workout, got fatigued.

I hope I did this right :slight_smile:


So does this mean we have another oly log? For a shortie you have a good strength base :wink: I'm sure you could kill it on the weights, once you put your mind to it, watching the numbers go up is very motivating.


Small (described as fun-sized by some) but mighty you are. You have a great combination of conditioning and strength. No wonder DJHT gets nervous when he screws up :slightly_smiling:


Thanks! Not sure what this will turn out to be :slightly_smiling: but yeah I would like to see some of those numbers higher. Yeah I tell people I'm child size :slightly_smiling:


hahahaha!!! i actually have a shirt that says that, "I'm not short, I'm fun sized" And DJ also gets nervous cuz of the hispanic part of me too. I'm just sayin.....


Okay love great start, now as more of the supportive lady's in this forum start checking your log, well you will have to keep track or feel inferior. :slightly_smiling:


Wait til CBear checks in.

Good to see you putting in the work JLO. And with all due respect to DJ, I'd probably fall out and die if ever a pic showed up with you, PPuff, Veggie, and Nikki all together. Bite-sized beauties for the win!


^ LOL up there Mr. Black.

YAY! And I prefer the term Chicklet. :slight_smile: Wow on your lift PRs. That's really strong for such a petite woman. Welcome! And I envy you having your own private coach up there.

About Crossfit, I have no experience but I think it's the only place I'd find a community of local women who lift fairly heavy. And you can't argue with the results. I'd do it if my gym weren't such a great deal and within walking distance of my home.


Yay JLO!

I borrow a lot from crossfit for their metabolic work and add in my own steeze here and there. Nothing wrong with it. I am excited to follow along :slightly_smiling:

Any specific goals?


Glad to have you in the Fam, Jlo~

now you do realize that this requires that you give regular updates, that include pics and vids of your training and progress, right?

this is known as the 'no slacker' zone. (thats why I gave up my log!)

congrats and good luck!


@ RodB thanks for the welcome and we don't want you to fall out and die anytime soon so we won't get together for such a pic, k?

@ chicklet :), thanks for the welcome, I have seen your posts and you seem to be doing great. It's nice have a private coach. And my gym is far from a walk, about 20-25 min away but the 5 am group is awesome and we work together very well otherwise I would go to a closer one myself.

@ dasher, thanks for the welcome. As far as goals, get a bit stronger, lean up where I can, and eat better. Having teenagers and being under 5 feet, I have to stay strong enough to put them in their place when needed, if you know what I mean. Of course I will never have the body I want, cuz childbirth does a number on the female body. But I'm stronger than I have been in my life, I used to be the skinny fat, but now have muscle that I thought didn't exist. So I would like to get to 235 for DL, 205 or so for back squat, 185 front squat, 150 for push press in the next few months, we shall see.

@ Edgy, well the pics and vids, ummm....i dunno, don't like pics of me but i might manage one here and there. And I don't think DJ will let me slack.....


Welcome aboard!


I gave Crossfit a good go a few years ago (not at a Crossfit gym - just followed the WoDs as best I could and did them at my local gym, with subs where necessary). It's effective but I got badly burned out and went back to a less intense traing regime.

However, I have taken gymnastics classes at Crossfit London. I'm not a fan of the whole koolaid thing but it's a supportive atmosphere and the workouts do get people to push themselves beyond the comfort zone. That's a plus.

Welcome to PW those are good numbers for a fun sized person.


Thanks cal. It is a different atmosphere, I need that push otherwise i won't go far. And yes the koolaid drinkers give xfit a bad name, but it's does the job for me. I haven't doen the gymnastic classes or workouts. Thanks for the welcome and hopefully this fun sized person can get to the goals. :slightly_smiling:


Hey! Good to see you here!


Hey there Patch. Finally here...like the kitty pic :slightly_smiling:


the fuck is that sposed to mean?


Nice! finally, I hope I can bust DJ's balls in here too!


^ Yes Matty you probably will, just wait till week one.


Thank you. And just call me Puff. There was a troll who made a manlet thread about how he didn't like short men, so I made up the term chicklet. :slight_smile: Speaking of chicklets, here's an inspiring one for you, especially if you are interested in OLY. She's a Crossfit person, too. I admire her physique. It's kind of nice to see someone who's similar in size and what they've accomplished. Oh, and here in PW you'll see Arachne (aka Spidey) and Maschey are also fun sized.