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Jlabs Chaotic Methods

Starting a log. So I can document and learn from what I should and shouldn’t do.
Clean and jerks with 25s on bb/ 1 plate clean n jerks
Deadlifts 225x5 275x3 315x3 365x2
Left some in the tank so I can try to get past 405 next week or in 2 weeks.
Bench light day worked up to 185 3x5, had some bad shoulder pain yesterday from over use I believe.
Facepulls work up to 100 and do around 6-8

Light shoulder work, lateral raises with 10s and 20s, try not 2 bend elbows and keep arms straight.
Worked up too 60 pound db presses for 8 reps. I usually se 70s put trying not to aggravate shoulder it feels good today.
Going to do some light presses later for a good pump.

I mostly train for strength but I have realized that getting past my current maxes is hard as hell so I am going to put on at least 10 pounds and see if that helps.
Experienced ambres let me know what you think I should do in the regards of gaining weight. I am very active so I know I need to eat alot more people ask me currently why I eat two dinners and I say because I need it lol. Thanks in advance.

Heavy Bench day

worked up to 225 and got a double.
Failed on 245. Will get this by September. Repped out at 170 afterwards.
Pull ups with 65pd DB hanging form feet, 3 times 4.
3 sets of KB swings with the 65db
A couple dips here n there with some push ups.
Cable tricep extension with rope 3 x 8 with 100 double pulley so its easier.
Fly machine work up to 130 and did 3x 10
Light squats 2x10 with a plate on.
Need to eat now!!

Light Back day
Muscle ups 5 in a row!! First time getting 5 in a row. Clean ones as well
Bent over rows worked up to 185 3x6
Rear delt fly machine 4x8 115
DB curls for the hell of it.
Cable rows light 4 x 8 @ 135

Walked the dogs to a Canal today Kind of hindered my squats.
Warm up with a plate.
1x5 225
1x4 275
2x5 295----- Didn’t get past paralell usually I squat A2G. Felt good on the quaddie’s none the less.
1x8 40s
1 x8 55s
1x6 65s
2x5/6 70’s
Lateral raises 15’s
Leg extensions on machine
leg press

3 plates 2 sets until failure
Some calf raises on leg press.

185 x5
205 x2
3x2 @ 215

Bent over rows
4x6 @ 185

Hamstring curls seated,
3x6 90

Bicep curls with cables
3x8 100


Light flies onmachine
3 x 10 135

3x4 205
4x4 275
tbar rows
4 x6 195
Bunch of assistance stuff planks leg lifts ect.
Shoulder press with DBs
4x8 @60

worked up to 325double
added 10 pounds and got 335
Hamstring curls
4x8 100

DonkeyCalf raises
4x8 225

Fuck where did my last post go fuck it I calf raise over 300

3x3 @ 70% 80% 90% 148, 170, 190

I don’t think 5/3/1 bench is for me not enough volume feels great for deadlift. Great gradual progression is well made. Not good for my bench though my upper body needs more volume. You go girl

Back shot…pause.

bi says you will


Classic T-Nation pose

Today was a good day in terms of endurance, Got alot of leg work in

Ran 531 second week for squats 3x3 @ 70%,80%90% 211, 241, 271x4 got four no surprise there I’m a beast.

Leg press 3 plates aside 3x10
Hamstring curls 3 x 10 leg extensions 3x10
reverse hypers and ab work went wild, ladies scoping no biggie!

Bench day went well. Got 205 for 4 one shy of a previous best. Isn’t shabby considering I havn’t taken creatine since the summer so I’m keeping the muscle endurance I have previously lacked in prior years.
Did some face pulls 3 sets of 10 at 100
Tricep extensions with rope 3 x 10
dips bw 4 sets until death
Db lateral raises with 10s for 3 sets worked them in circuit like after the dipperoos.
Walked to lecole sweating bulets off my pecs. Need to invest in a new mode of transport. Anyone have a horse for sale?

So log when I access you from my profile you are uncooperative. I know your true nature you trickywhore.
Ran week 2 of 5/3/1
3x3 70% 80% 90% @ 255, 291, 328
went well felt like the perfect challenge this program feels great for deads.
Pullups bw pullupswith 40 x5 pull ups with 60x5 with 40x5
Hammy Curls4x10
Bicep cable curls with rope 3x8
Donkey calf raises 3x10
Had a headache while training due to drinking hot chocolate b4 bed, bad idea future self, stick to oolong ya dingdong.

Sleep on your back strained backmuscle doesn’t like stomach sleeping. Don’t let morningwood get to close to the stove when making oatmeal, that was a close encounter

Did last cycle of squattertons for 5/3/1.
Week3 5/3/1 @ 75% 85% 95% 226, 256, 286 x4 PR DING DING DING.
Amped for getting four reps on the last set, grinded it out, just had to breathe hard and keep upper back straight, half debated it while finishing third rep, But I came for bloooooood.
Did some leg extensions after words, did some pull ups to decompress the spine. Can’t remember what else was done, drank too much that night was Jlabs worldly annual inception day. Fuck yeah!!!

[quote]Jlabs wrote:
286 x4 PR[/quote]