Jk WDFPF Powerlifting Log

well, after along long layoff(i was diagnozed with crohn’s
desease 4 years ago and only did light training),
i decided to come back to competitive powerlifting.
i’ve been training heavy for about 6 month now.
since my country doesnt have any organization that holds
full meets, i contacted the WDFPF to see what are my
options for competeing there.

they let me know that
i’m welcome so the official preperation for the 2009
season can begin.
before i start, i have to give props to hanley.
look man you dont know me, but reading the progress that
you made realy started the fire in me again.
so thanks, and maybe we’ll meet at a meet some day.

i train using the sheiko routines, altrnating between his
beginner routines. i’m at the end of my 3rd 4 week routine
and i’ve had great results.

you can check out clips of my training from the last cuople of weeks here: http://www.youtube.com/user/yfitnessk

as far as today’s session, i had to split it to 2.
i did this morning:
bench 1X5 60 kg
1X4 80 kg
1X3 90 kg
1X3 100 kk
shirt on(48 inzer rage)
1X2 120 kg to a rolled mat
1X2 130 kg to a rolled mat
1X1 140 kg paused on chest
1X1 145 kg paused on chest
1X1 147.5 kg
2X2 130

somu DL 1X3 100 kg
1X3 120 kg
2X3 145 kg (loose briefs on)
2X2 165 kg
1X1 190 kg
1X1 195 kg. i’ll uploada clip of that later today
when i’ll post my evening session.

thanks and i hope you’ll enjoy reading…

here is what i did in the evening:
DB flys supersetted with cable rows 5X10. i dont use alot
of weight for these just getting the work in.

leg presses 5X6 the top set was with 465 kg.
here is a clip: yfitness leg press 465 kg - YouTube

i also did some abs 4X10-20 pulldown crunces.

and here is a clip of the sumo DL from this morning

ok so today i started sheiko program #37 and i’m gonna
follow that with the 5 week competition program
in preparation for a bench and DL meet in march 7.
current lifts: bench 150 kg with a very used and loose rage

(i can touch 120 with it so you see how loose it is)
deadlift: i checked friday got 210 kg pretty good,
here’s a clip

it felt good so i jumped to 220 and it just didnt happen.
i got it up, but couldnt pass the knees, which never
happend to me.
usually when i got it of the floor it’s mine.

so, for today’s session:
5X65 kg
2X4X80 kg
2X3X90 kg
5X3X100 kg. all sets with long pause.

5X90 kg
2X5X110 kg
5X5X130 kg.no belt, very easy but sheiko said so.
here’s a clip:

bench again
abit narrower grip this time.

machine rows 5X10
goos mornings 5X10

ok here’s yesterdays training session:
deadlifts (sumo)
1X5 100 kg
2X5 125 kg
2X4 145 kg
4X3 160 kg

rev. band bench
sets of 4 up to 125 kg.

sets of 5 up to 20 kg

rack pulls
1X5 100 kg
2X5 125 kg
2X4 150 kg
4X3 170 kg

3X5 140 kg

and abs.

unfortunetlly there’s no clip today.
next session is on friday

Just saw your log for the first time today. Good luck with it!
Let me know if I can be of any assistance.