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JJB's Training Log


Caught some injuries and haven't been training for last month and a half. All healed up now:)

Body weight today upon rising was 184.8 pounds.(in underwear)

Im starting this log to keep myself accountable and to hopefully recieve contructive comments from time to time. Trust me no one will be amazed with my training weights. Im trying to be the best I can be. Previously have weighed as high as 205. Going to begin training with 6 weeks of Thibs superhero routine. I then plan to do 6-12 weeks of HPMass depending on how quickly I get fat:). This will be followed by 6 weeks of powerbuilding or superhero depending on how much fat I am carrying at that time.

I am 34 yrs old, 5'9" tall, Will post body measurements after first 6 weeks cause i would be to depressed to measure today. lol.

I will also be posting my general nutrition log and each day giving myself a score of 1-7 based on how many meals went according to plan.

I have been depressed, in a funk, fuck i dont know what but I love to train but just havent been taking my ass to the gym or pulling my sled out of my trunk. Im hoping making the information peer reviewable will help break this slump.

Thank you god for the ability to train and work hard.
Thank you tnation for a place to post this log.

My goal is 215 pounds with single digit bf by end of 24 weeks. The first week starting next Monday. The first twenty pounds have been there before. The next ten will be all new:)
Well off to put my plan into action. Heres to a long and sucessful training program and training log.


I'm looking forward to see what happens.