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JJackKrash's Training/Ski Log


The purpose of this thread is to track my progress in the gym and on the water. I started Wendler 5-3-1 today.
Age: 40
Weight: 210 lbs.
Ht. 5'10"
BF%: 22.5 (Tanita estimated)
Goals: Get stronger and leaner and ski better.

I am going with a 3 day split, option 2. Tues. Deadlift, Thursday Bench, Sat. Squat + Press.

Max Actuals:
Deadlift: 375
Bench: 255
Squat: 335
Press: 160

Training Max
Deadlift: 335
Bench: 230
Squat: 300
Press: 145

Today: Week 1, 5's.

6:30 am: Warm-up. Box Jump Plyos x10, Tall Box.

Deadlift: Warm-up. 135 x6, 185 x6, 225 x3.
Working: (75%) 250 x5, (80%) 270 x5, 85% 285 x11 (Rep PR)

Deadlift: 5 sets x10 reps x165 lbs.
Dips: BW x10, BW+10 x10, BW+20 x10, BW+30 x10, BW+40 x5 (drop dumbell, 5 more).
Machine Hamstring Curls, 50 x10, 90 x10, 130 x8.
Hip mobility work.

7:30 finish.

Notes: Tendinitis in wrists, forearms, and elbows still present, but tolerable. Energy levels good.


Welcome Jack! I guess you are talking water skiing not snow skiing...


Thanks! And, yes, waterskiing. I thought I would log my ski sets here as well. I figure Its pretty much HIIT anyhow.


Welcome. How's the tendinitis affecting your grip on the tow rope handle?


Thanks for the welcome. My grip strength is fine and the tendinitis does not effect skiing performance, but skiing isn't helping it from a rest-and-let-it-heal perspective. Heavy deads and most pushing movements do not seem to be a problem. On the other hand, curls, wide grip BB rows, and pull ups are painful, as is picking up my 2 year old. Twisting movements, like using scewdriver, can be painful as well.


Bench Day.
Weight: 207.8 lbs
BF% 24.2 (Tanita estimated)
Time in: 6:30 a.m.
Time out: 7:30 a.m.

Bench: Warm up. 45 x10, 95 x10, 135 x3.
Working sets: (75%) 170 x5, (80%) 185x5, (85%) 195 x 14 (rep PR).
Assitance: Bench: 115 x5sets x10reps.
Neutral Grip chins: 6,5,5,4,3,3
Incline DB Bench: 45 x10, 65 x10, 90x6
Kroc Rows: 45 x10, 65 x10, 90 x15
Abs: some hanging raises.
Stairs. Walked down and ran up 10 flights.

Training notes. Bench was better than expected, energy was good. Tendinits in right arm hurt during chins and last set of kroc rows, but it was tolerable.


jjackkrash- Welcome aboard! Can't say I have issues with the wrist or forearm, but I can sympathize with the elbow issues. Your list is pretty much the same as mine.
Nice maxes as well. Looking forward to tracking your progress...


Thanks. Good to be here. I've been lurking for a few months and thought I'd join the fun. Tendinits sucks: it doesn't shut you down completely, but it nags and nags and nags . . ..


Ski Log
Thurs. July 2.
Princeton Lakes, Lake 2.
Boat: 206
4:00 p.m. , Air Temp. 104, water temp. 100.6. Wind speed: none. Conditions: Oppressive heat but calm water.
Should have stayed home. Water felt like a bowl of sweat, handle broke on my opener. Skied two sets on borrowed handle, didn't get into 22 off. Left lake hot, sweaty, and defeated.

Fri. July 3.
Lucky Lake
Boat (206) on water at 6:30 a.m., air Temp. 65, water temp., 92.5. (Much better time to ski). Wind speed: none. Conditions: perfect.
First set:
Run 32 mph, 15 off
Run 34 mph, 15 off
4@34 mph, 22 off.
Run 34mph, 22off
1@34 mph, 28 off
4@34 mph, 28 off (post 40 PR).

Second set.
Run 34 mph, 15 off
4@34 mph, 22 off
3@34 mph, 22 off
Run 34 mph, 22 off
2@34mph, 28off
2@34mph, 28 off
3@34 mph, 28off
4@34mph, 28 off

Third set: Opted not to trick. Tested Ryan's jumpers. Wow. Long and fast.

Notes: Need new gloves and handle, ski/fin set up seems dialed in. Great day on the lake. Looking forward to squats and fireworks tomorrow. Still need to lose 15 lbs. before I think about heading over the ramp. Elbows a little sore.


Ramp you say. You're a much braver man than I!


Lol. Not yet. I am still to heavy. I took 15 years off skiing, played golf, got fat, and just started skiing again last summer. I am down from 245 since last December, but I won't really feel comfortable jumping again until I am down around 190 and get used to riding newer equipment. Its just too hard on the old knees. One step at a time.


Squat and Press day.

Weight: 206.5 lbs
BF%: 22.6 (Tanita estimated)
Time in 7:45 a.m.
Time out: 9:30 a.m.

Warm up: 10 Plyo Box Jump to 30"box, full ATG body squat at top.

Squat: Training Max 300
Warmup: 45 x10, 95 x0, 135 x5, 185 x3
Working sets: (75%) 225 x5, (80%) 240 x5, (85%) 255 x13 (Rep PR).

Assistance: 150 x5sets, x10 reps.

Press: Training Max 145
Warm up: 45 x10, 55 x10, 75 x3
Working sets: 110 x5, 115 x5, 125x9.
Assistance: 75 x10, 75x10, 70 x10, 65x10, 60x10

1 Leg Cybex Squat Press: 4 Plates x10, 6 plates times 10, 8 plates x3, 10 plates x4.
BB Shrugs: 185 x5, 235 x5, 285 x15 (8 sec hold last rep)
1 DB Side Standing Side Bends 75 x10, 85 x10, 95 x10

Mobility work: Slow ass to heal squat with heals touching, 45 plate overhead x10
Walk on outside of bare feet 1 minute, inside of feet 1 min, heals 1 min.

Training notes. I set the press max too high. Going to readjust down next time. Had a non-anabolic steroid shot last night for poison oak. Side effect: Tendinitis almost completely gone. I hope this isn't temporary. I forgot what it feels like to be pain free.

Squats felt great, almost passed out and saw colors from oxygen deficit. Still working on depth and hip mobility, but I think most reps were parallel or very close. Need to video to analyze depth.


Ski Log
Lucky Lake
Boat: 206
3:30 p.m. , Air Temp. 70ish, water temp. 92. Wind speed: none. Conditions: light drizzle.

First set:
Run 32 mph, 15 off
Run 34 mph, 15 off
2@34 mph, 22 off.
2@ 34mph, 22off
Run@34 mph, 22 off
1@34 mph, 28 off

Second set.
Run 34 mph, 15 off
2@34 mph, 22 off
4@34 mph, 22 off
4@34 mph, 22 off
Run 34 MPH, 22 off

Third set:

2@34 mph, 22 off
2@34 mph, 22 off
4@34 mph, 22 off
5@34 mph, 22 off

Notes: Could really feel legs from squat day. Tendinitis all but gone. Hands/calluses really hurt, can't wait till new handle and gloves come in next week. Need to reach to pylon, not down. Experimenting with keeping shoulders more open to boat--too soon to tell on this one. Opener and 34 Mph felt really easy, so that's progress. 22 off seems easy when gates are wide, so keep working on wide gates.


Deadlifts: Wave 1, week 2.


I was running 10-15 minutes late today and cut my warm-up short. Stupid. And I new it was stupid at the time. I tweaked my lower back half way through the money set. (got 4 reps at 300 and dropped them half way up my fifth rep). Crawled home for ice then off to the chiropractor. I hope this doesn't set me back more than a week. I'll probably won't know how bad it actually is until Thursday.


Bench Day. Week 2, Wave 1 (3,3,3)

After living on ice packs and advil for two days, I decided that bench day was doable despite lower back spasms. Lower back still hurts, but not in the range of notion required for bench, chins, and Kroc rows. Luckly I had a work-out partner who could rack the weights and lift me on and off the bench.

Weight: 208.8 lbs
BF% 24.5 (Tanita estimated)
Time in: 6:00 a.m.
Time out: 7:10 a.m.

Warm up: Mobility work in sauna, Treadmill 4 MPH for 5 min.

Bench: Warm up. 45 x10, 95 x10, 135 x3, 155 x 1
Working sets: (80%) 185 x3, (85%) 195x3, (90%) 205 x 13 (rep PR).
Assitance: Bench: 115 x5sets x10reps.
Neutral Grip chins: 6,5,5,4,4,3,4 (5 more chins than last week).
Incline BB Bench: 95 x10, 145 x10, 195 x4
Kroc Rows: 45 x10, 65 x10, 90 x20

Training notes. Tendinits all but gone.


Great Bench and Krocs, jjackkrash.
Sorry to hear about the back. Be nice to it! But great news on the tendinitis. Hopefully that shot will make it a thing of the past.


Squat and Press day.

Weight: 206.2 lbs
BF%: 24.1 (Tanita estimated)
Time in 8:00 a.m.
Time out: 9:30. a.m.

Warm up: Hip mobility, 1/4 mile on treadmill at 4 mph.

Squat: Training Max 300
Warmup: 45 x10, 95 x10, 135 x5, 185 x3, 225 x1
Working sets: (80%) 240 x3, (85%) 255 x3, (90%) 270 x8.

Assistance: 155 x 5 sets, x10 reps.

Press: Training Max 145
Warm up: 45 x10, 55 x10, 75 x3
Working sets: 115 x3, 125 x3, 130 x8.
Assistance: 75 x5 sets x 10 reps.

Wider neutral grip chins: 7,6,5,5,4,3, 1(with 10 sec. hold at top).

Training notes. Back still hurt so I skipped leg press and shrugs. Squat work with the bar and mobility work yesterday gave me some confidence. My lower back dared me to squeeze out a few more reps during the money set in squats, but I didn't listen and played it safe. I think the last 2 or 3 reps would have been at a high risk of re-injury. Chins are feeling stronger and I am going to try and get chins in every work day. When I hit 10 chins in a row I will start adding weight. Also, I forgot to reset my training max on presses, but I was able to do the BBB assistance work today so I will likely keep it. Thinking about running hills tomorrow and swinging the sledge. Not sure if my back is ready for skiing--a bad fall would likely result in re-injury. Also, I may swing by the Home Despot and see if they have the materials to make a prowler. My neighbor has a kick-ass welder, so this is a real possibility. Added bonus--got into my size 34 slacks yesterday without a pit-crew, grease and a shoe-horn. They were last worn in 2004.


Thanks LS. Its weird, but I almost feel more in tune with my body and form when I am injured. For example, I could really feel the sweet spot on squats today because I knew there was no margin of error to break form or make mistakes. Not near a PR for reps, but it felt good to get some good squats in and get out without re-injury.


Ski Log
Lucky Lake
Boat: 196
8:00 a.m. , Air Temp. 70ish, water temp. 87. Wind speed: 15-20 mph. Conditions: head/tail wind (+40/-20 on Perfect Pass)

First set:
Run 32 mph, 15 off (head)
4@ 34 mph, 15 off (tail)
5@34 mph, 15 off.
run 34mph, 15off
2@34 mph, 22 off
run 34 mph, 22 off

Second set.
Run 34 mph, 15 off
2@ 34 mph, 22off
run@34 mph, 22 off
1@34 mph, 28 off
2@34 mph, 28 off
3@ 34 MPH, 28 off

Notes: New handle was stetchy, back felt good, all things considered. Loved the 196. Head and tail wind was a little tricky, but good to ski in the wind. Back felt pretty strong, all things considered. 22 off is starting to feel easier, I think I will own 28 off with a little more time on the water. Wanted to trick, but we ran out of time.


You know...I read your log and, as someone whose times behind a boat can be counted on 1 hand, have a hard time wrapping my mind around the workout. I know that I found it incredibly fatiguing when I did do it. Of course, I weighed 260# at the time. Thought I would drown before the boat ever got me out of the water.