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JizzNibblet's 5/3/1 Log


I'll be starting to log my workout, diet as well as pictures up here. I'll be taking every months and try to compare progress as the time goes.

A little background: I started going in the gym about a little over a year ago. I started with Starting strength and I moved to 5/3/1 today. Since I'm starting fresh on a new program I figured I'd log it to see progress over time.

Here's my template:

Maxes 5/3/1
Squat 365
Deadlift 405
OH Press 160 ( Push Press )
Bench 270

Chin ups between every Pushing exercise

squats 5/3/1
Front Squats
Leg curls
DB Hammer Curls

bench 5/3/1
incline db press (3-4 sets)
weighted dips (3-4 sets)
Triceps pushdown (2-3 sets)
Seated Flies (3-4 sets)

Powerclean 3x5
deadlifts 5/3/1
Pendlay Rows (3-4 sets)
weighted Pull ups (3-4 sets)
Good Mornings (3-4 sets)

Push Press 5/3/1
seated db press (2-3 sets)
laterals raises (3 sets)
Bent over Lateral raises 3-4 sets
Shrugs (2-3 sets)

I don't really know how many sets/reps I'll do for accessories. It's the first time I train with that much volume so I'll have to check it out.


So for the training..

Day 1 (Monday, January 10 2011) Mesocycle 1


1x5 45
1x5 45
1x5 145
1x5 165
1x3 200
Work Set:
1x5 215
1x5 250
1x7 280 * Got a little bummed here, I was hoping to get at least 10-12 but oh well.

1x10 135
1x10 135
1x10 135

Front Squats:
1x5 135
1x5 135
1x5 135

DB Hammer Curls
1x10 25
1x10 30
1x10 35
1x10 40

Hanging leg raises ( from bottom to top )
These kicked my ass, They're pretty difficult but I definitely felt them. I'll try to build them up and get more reps in the next time I perform them.
I might also add in some decline weighted sit ups for a while since I don't get much work off the leg raises, too little reps.

I'm pretty stoked about the workout. I can't wait to be a few cycles further and see how it all comes together.


Monday, January 10 2011

Diet wise I messed up a little today. I went out to the store to buy a scale and I have horrible planning/cooking skills so I didn't make anything to bring along and since I decided not to resort to some fast food to get the cals in, I've been waiting for four hours between my 2nd and 3rd meal. Bad move.

9h30: 4 eggs/ 280 calories, 24g of protein

10h30: 1 cup of oatmeal/ 360 calories, 12g of protein

2h30: Post workout shake/ 440 calories, 32g of protein

4h20: 140g of lean chicken breast with 1 cup of rice/ 428 calories, 42g of protein.

(I'm not positive how much calories there is in the chicken breast, there are no nutrition facts on the package and I've found some sites that state different amounts. What I got is 140g = 38.3g of protein and 258 calories, hope it's accurate). Same goes for the rice, the bag had a hole in it so we put it in some pot. Problem is I forgot to keep the package so I don't have the nutrition facts on it either. On some site it told me that 1 cup of converted rice is 170 calories and 4g of protein.

5h40: 1 cup of oatmeal/ 360 calories, 12g of protein