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Jiu Jitsu Wrestling Takedowns


Watching this make me regret not wrestling in high school. Throwing people around looks fun.


Throwing people around is fun.
Those dudes were kind of a mess.
but cool props for posting.



Yeah, other than a couple of them, they definitely were not wrestlers. Cool vid though.


If you like wrestling takedowns, here is a good clip (recognize some of the names in there?).

There are also some great clips of Cael Sanderson and Dan Gable on youtube.


Thanks for posting a clip of some real wrestlers. Watching karate kid wannabes tackling each other is pretty painful.


Those wrestling clips are awesome.
Looks like so much fun.


No problem. Here's another good one. The final match is Cael Sanderson winning the gold medal match at the 2004 olympics.

Cael also has some cool videos on wrestling technique up on youtube if anyone is interested.


I saw the name Dan Henderson on that list of names on the better wrestling videos.

Is this the same Dan Henderson of PFC/UFC fame?


Yup, the same. Mark Coleman was in there too.


Sento Guy

Huge Huge Props for the 1992 clip post..


wow, those karate guys were just awful.


I like how the one guy slides on his knees as penetration. I can't wait till he gets on a mat that isn't a slip and slide.



Just remember those guys are being good sports. Because there are some real vulnerabilities involved in those takedowns.


Should have done greco roman then :smiley: Mostly throws, but non of the hitting though :frowning:


No kidding.

I just did a weekend long seminar (iCAT National Conference) and Rodney Smith (bronze medalist from the '92 games) did greco with us. Lots of fun, and fantastic teacher.


My personal favorite wrestling video of all time is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJgiKN_tYNY

About halfwaythrough A big black guy does a face to face suplex that is absolutely ridiculous and after that a guy throws the most violent fireman throw i have ever seen in competition.

Wrestling in Highschool was not nearly as fun as the freestyle tournaments we did in the offseason, anyone looking to do it recreationally should look into freestyle since that is the olympic sport anyway.


Sure there are, there are vulnerabilities in just about every single conceivable take-down, punch, kick or unarmed attack known to man. That doesn't mean that the take-downs aren't still very effective, or that just because you know the vulnerabilities that you would be able to exploit them against that high level of a grappler.

There are vulnerabilities in a western jab, but that doesn't make it any less effective of a technique. Nor does it mean that you could exploit those vulnerabilities against the likes of Ali, Roy Jones, or Sugar Ray Leonard.


well said. It's not which fighter does what style that determines how a fight will end but which fighter is better at their style that is often the determinant.

That being said it's not as though that is the only factor. A ton of those throws are random low level scrubs playing around. They would be more readily termed "fall overs." It can be compared to the errant flailing of these kung fu masters:


So the idea that the robustness of a technique can be judged on the erratic behavior of newbs is pretty silly. Instead think about how the vulnerability of any technique is reduced by the virtuosity of the player that throws it. So its really not the movement but the player that determines most of the veracity of the technique.

What I'm trying to say is: "are you saying that take downs and throws in general are highly vulnerable or that these scrub fallovers in specific are vulnerable?"

And you are talking about the original video and not the greco video right sifu?



Actually it's even simpler than that. The one who wins is he/she who best utilizes their strengths, while neutralizing their opponent's strengths.

Yeah, if he was referring to the original video, then with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 people, those were not experienced (or at least properly trained) grapplers/wrestlers.

I just don't see the point in saying something like "Just remember those guys are being good sports" (which once again, I agreed with to an extent), without expanding on what you mean by that.


that's been in my favorites for quite a while, awesome video. or you could just go with the one man highlight reel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4H4j9BbyfLw.

I think he's already in contention but if he wins the Olympics this year, especially after beating Murtazaliev for a spot on the team, i think Saitiev is the best freestyle wrestler ever


Sure there are vulnerabilities in all techniques but they are not all equal. The vulnerability of a jab does not equal the vulnerability of a takedown.

With a take down you are dropping to your knees with your arms outreached and your head just sitting there like a giant zit begging to be popped. The head and neck are not something that is wise to leave vulnerable. It is also not advisable to drop to your knees with your legs spread apart pulling your opponents leg towards you either...

I am sure that if someone is good at it they can catch you slipping. Just like if someone has some counters worked out and they are good at them, you could end up in a world of hurt. ie on TUF Josh Koschek tried to takedown Diego Sanchez who timed him coming and planted a knee in the middle of his forehead that left his entire forehead black and blue. Koschek is really lucky he didn't get serious brain damage or killed from that.

There are a few other things you could do to counter a takedown that would not be good for the other guy. That head and neck region is a real important vital zone.