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Jiu Jitsu in Real Life Situations


Hey guys, I was just wondering how effective bjj would be in a street fight. I mean if you come across a strong dude about 5'10 230 squatting and dead lifting over 500 and the guy doing bjj is around 5'8 165, what the outcome would be? Do you think the bigger dude would be screwed?




Reason being why? I feel like if the jiu jitsu guy uses his skill he could take out the stronger dude weight over 70 pounds more than him. But I am just curious.


That's such an arbitrary situation that it's impossible to answer.

Is the BJJ guy Marcelo Garcia, or just some random BJJ blue belt who's only been training a couple of years? Has the BJJ guy trained his striking skills, or at least defending against fully committed striking while on the feet, from the clinch and on the ground? Or has he just been doing pure submission grappling? Has he ever trained his skills in realistic environments, or has it all just been on the mat in the dojo?

How does the fight initiate? What range does it initiate from? Is there any verbal dialogue/warning prior to the first physical attack, or is it an ambush? What type of terrain are they on/environment are they in? What is the first attack (is it a sucker punch, a grab and punch, a tackle, a grab so that his buddy who the BJJ guy didn't see can rough him up while he's temporarily immobilized)? Is this mutually agreed upon combat, your typical posturing to try to intimidate shoving match which eventually turns into a fight, or a criminal assault (mugging/robbery, gang beating, etc...)?

Is the 230 lb guy trained at all? Does he have any athletic experience (played football in high school/college, wrestled, or any other sport where he might be used to heavy contact and physicality) or generally athletically gifted (strong, fast, explosive, good sense of balance)? How old are they each? Are there any weapons involved? How about friends waiting to jump in should things start to go wrong for their friend?

And the list goes on.....


230lb guy has little grappling experience and is very athletic, the bjj guy is a BB under a well known black belt in BJJ. They are around the same age and the fight starts one on one where they both are fully aware of what is going on. No friends jump in.


.... So you're describing an MMA match?

BJJ guy has a chance, but that would depend on the quality of his skills. Blue belts tend to range from poor to great depending on the school.

Still too many variables to consider.

Fighter, not the art.

UFC 1 already gave us insight of high-level grappling skills' effectiveness in single combat. What happens when you dial those skills back? I have no clue, and as a blue belt myself, I don't really feel inclined to find out.


Is the 5'8 165lb guy also squatting/dead-lifting 500 lbs?

There's a reason why combat competitions have weight classes.


This has been discussed over, and over, and over again. I really don't want to see the same arguments happen again.

Do a search for this topic, then come back if you have a real question that's not just some arbitrary pairing of the legendary little BJJ guy who gets into a streetfight with a powerlifter.


Seriously. Fuck. that. question.


If it were combat jujitsu


Yes, if they were both wearing a gi.


What about speedos?


bjj dude will have his nuts ripped in half by the powerful grip the powerlifter has. Either that or his mouth torn open. You think if a monkey put a triangle on me in the street I'll just tap or say "I give up?" lmao.... that's if my mates don't kick the fuck out of him before I tear his face off.
Fucken get real man.


I thought you were serious (and thus either a troll, 10 years old, a moron, or any combination of the three) until I read the get real part and realized you were being sarcastic.

Oh, monkeys also have friends.


I will say that Jiu Jitsu has some real good self defense techniques. I have embarked upon more and more classes latlely and we normally spend part of each class doing self defense stuff. I like much of it better than Krav because you are not punching someone you are sending them crashing to the floor or flying across the room much eaier to defend in court IMO.

wnen it comes to going to the ground and grappling somebody if I was in a street fight no rules or whatever jiu jitsu leaves you exposed in many ways as we have seen above.


That's why you need to pick the right tool for the job. You're facing 5 guys who want to beat you to death: running is the best option. Going to the ground is probably the worst but if you can't get away you're getting beaten regardless. Boxing is very helpful for simply learning how to move defensively on the feet and avoid getting hit while you look for an exit. I think a lot of mma fighters, even those with supposed superior "boxing," really don't have proper basic footwork and head movement.

As far as "no rules": BJJ does not leave you exposed unless you are dealing with more than one opponent or weapons. It was developed to be applied under the conditions of no rules. Of course that aspect is not as stressed in many schools anymore but traditionally BJJ has standing techniques and striking (both on the ground and on the feet).


Can work in some situations, I think Ryan is a light weight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJX9QnrZtfc


wtf, i was being serious. You think I'll just sit there and allow some clown to play huggies with me in a street fight? I'll grab anything I can and aim to inflict as much damage to ensure my safety over his so yeh... let's get real!



BJJ, just by the close proximity of your bodies, leaves you open to all kinds of shit that is not taught in BJJ classes.

Maybe if someone, somewhere, is teaching a sort of combat JJ with strikes that relies on standing more and keeping the other guy's body AWAY from you, I'd agree, but the idea of grappling in any capacity inevitably leaves you open to broken fingers, biting, eye gouging, and all sorts of other nasty shit that is not regularly taught as BJJ.

Hell, biting alone is enough to nullify half the shit that you get taught as "self-defense" in a BJJ class.


You do know in Brazil they had something known as Vale Tudo? How about the Gracie Challenge? On the In Action tapes those fights were anything goes at times. The idea that the moves you mention can only be done by the other guy also reveals your ignorance.


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