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Jim's Goals for High School Athletes?

Jim has talked about the goals he has for his high school athletes, 100lb goblet squat x 50, a certain number of dips, chins, height on a box jump etc. Have any of you heard how he programs this into Krypteia? I assume it is strategically planned within the program and not just something he does one day at the end of the summer. Let me know if you know.

where do you read this?

The only “goal” we have is for the freshman perform 50 continuous reps @ 50lbs with the DB squat. After that, I do NOT chase numbers. I only want each kid to get better/stronger than they were before.

As for the junior high athletes, we are now working with the younger kids to develop a UNIFIED training program; one that emphasizes physical culture and a broad training program. Not just strength training.

I hope this inspires other communities to stress the importance of training/physical culture at a very young age. If a small town like London, Ohio can do it, any city can.

is this the goal to “earn the right” to train with the barbell? How many times per week do you let the freshman squat to reach this goal? How does a typical workout look like for a freshman who trains without a barbell?


My wife now handles all the Beginning Training - I’m not sure of how many times/week they squat/body weight squat but guessing around 2-3 times/week of some kind of variation. They do some kind of “leg” work, 3 times/week.

50 reps at 50lbs is not a huge deal when you emphasize total fitness, not just squatting.

I heard you on a podcast (it might have been elitefs) you said goals where 50 - 100lb goblets, 30/20 chins, 20/15 Dips, 50- 50lb SLDL, 36/30 box jump. I remember you mentioned the kid and the cookie jar… finding a way to climb up and get the cookie and not being mad because they earned the cookie… and your athletes how they would rest the weight on their shoulders when doing goblet squats and you didn’t care as along as they got the reps before setting the weights down.
Anyway… I like this idea more than “testing” out. It is more about work. If you were going to implement something like this what advice can you give about programming this type of challenge with Krypteia? Gradually increase one assistance at a time before tapering and then try hit these goals? For example each week –
week 1
10 chins
2 - 15
3-20 chins,
4- 5,
5- 15,
6 - 10
7- chins for 30

Thanks for the reply Jim!

I love the DB-Squat and I do them in pretty much every 531 template for my assistance work. I switch up between Bulgarian-Split-Squats and DB-Squat.

I always try to improve on these lifts. When the template recommends 50-100 reps and I do the DB-squat for example should I do 5x10 reps and increase the weight or should I go for 5x20 reps like in the “beginner prep school” template for example and then increase the weight? What makes more “sense” in your opinion?

I have access to dumbbells over 150pounds where I train.

I don´t have a specific goal besides to get strong legs and lunges you always teach!


You can try but I don’t think this kind of thing works long term. Training over a long period of time can be linear but not necessarily in a training cycle. You can try this out if you feel this is “right” or you believe in it.

If you keep training hard and doing the right things (concentrate on building muscle, making sure you aren’t “out of shape”, every rep being 100% perfect, recovering, etc) you’ll get to where you need to go just be working towards the correct path.

do you program any fun challenges throughout the summer with high school students? If so, when do believe it is the correct time to do them?

Not really. I’m always experimenting with the training though. Always. Things are getting stupid this week.