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JIMO'S Cycle Proposal Criticism


So, here it is.. i am jim i'm 24 years old i am 180cm tall weight 88kg=193.6 lib i have been training with weights for 11 years i started lifting when i was 13 and continued ever since with only a few summers off! I have been into martial arts tae-kwon-do and by the age 13 i had competed in several events but that's about it i stopped since then!

I first used AAS in the age of 20 mostly out of curiosity and mainly because i wanted to get bigger than the others it's been 4 years i have been experimenting and not with great success i can say mostly because the level of knowledge in greece is very low and there are not nearly enough people who know how to use gear or learn how to use it it goes mainly by listening to others advise blindfolded!

As you can see i am one of the average gym rats!

As for my current stats i would say nothing very impressive i can bench press max 120kg for 3 reps, dead lift about 150kg squat 180kg i am a bit out of shape!

I have used in the past several steroids such as test-e the most common lot's of deca because these are the 2 steroids you can purchase from a pharmacy mostly without giving a prescription i have used masteron prop and tren acet and genneraly had experience with roids!

The reason i want to use this next cycle is because i will go to the army in August and be there for the next 8 months of my life just for the sake of my country!But i dont believe there is any chance of training while in there besides running alot and doing crap work!

I will be out in March 2010 and i will defenatly want to get back on track and build all i have lost during that time!Consider it as a fresh start since after 8 months there will be nothing left from under eating and overworking!

Given that, i have a cycle proposal that i believe that will help me come back very strong again!

what i would like to get from this cycle is strength some size let's say up to 95kg=209lb from what i am now but this is just a guess!I would most defenatly love to shed about 20 pounds of bodyfat given that i will put on enough due to eating crappy food but i will try to keep my stats as they are now!

i thing by now i have covered the part of giving personal info more than enough!

i move to the cycle proposal!

week 1 3x250mg test-e 4x100mg masteron 3x200mg bold AI 10mg/day Aromas

week 2 3x250mg test-e 4x100mg mast 3x200mg bold 10mg/day arom

week 3 2x250mg test-e 4x100mg mast 2x200mg bold 10mg/day arom

week 4 2x250mg test-e 4x100mg mast 2x200mg bold 10mg/day arom

week 5 2x250mg test-e 4x100mg mast 4x75 tren ace 2x200mg bold 10mg/day arom

week 6 2x250mg test-e 4x100mg mast 4x75 tren 2x200mg bold 10mg/day arom

week 7 2x250mg test-e 4x100mg mast 4x75 tren 2x200mg bold 10mg/day arom

week 8 2x250mg test-e 4x100mg mast 4x75 tren 2x200mg bold 10mg/day arom

week 9 2x250mg test-e 4x100mg mast 4x75 tren 2x200mg bold 10mg/day arom

week 10 1x250mg test-e 4x100mg mast 4x75 tren 1x200mg bold 10mg/day arom

week 11 end of cycle

so i think that the use of hcg DURING weeks 7-8-9 in the dose of 250iu every third day is mandatory since the suspression of my hpta would be great from the aromtisation of test-e and bold!

in week 11 i start taking 40mg/day of nolva and keep on the aromsin at 10mg/day also 2x0.25mg of cabergoline per week due to the use of tren and even if it is not necessary just to be on the safe side!

week 12 also 40mg/day nolva and aromasin in 10mg/day and 2x0.25mg caber

week 13 20mg/day nolva no aromasin 2x0.25 caber

week 14 20mg/day nolva 2x0.25 caber

week 15 20mg/day nolva

week 16 10mg/day nolva

end of cycle!

As you can see i make an attempt to front load my 2 basic steroids test-e and boldenone so as to build concentrations and have the effect of them from day one!

the addition of masteron is an attempt to add quallity and definiton to mouscle mass and given that i will be very carefull in dietting due to bolden's appetite increase i shouldn't put on much fat!

tren is not my first choice i would consider not using it because i am sensitive to prolactin sides and it tends to be a disadnantage to endurance! athletes have reported that due to it;s blood pressure increase it tends to be bad for endurance and since i will be doing lot's of cardio on this cycle to keep fat from building i might not want this drug also i am into martial arts and i don't find this beneficial!in the past i have experienced this side effect with tren!

boldenone is going to be one of my favorite's because of it's ability to add quallity mouscle gains increase performance and endurance due to high red blood cell production and there has also been noted an increase in colagen synthesis with this drug witch is something i crave due to a minor joint tear in my right shoulder that has been bothering me for years now!

as for an AI i find aromasin to be more benefitial to me rather than adex because it is not so harsh on my blood lipids level because i have suffer in the past from hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol levvels) the bad thing with aromasin is that i read somewhere it needs 30 or 60 days to build steady blood levels and i might want something that will act faster than that like adex i am not sure what to choose thought!

the use of hcg during the cycle seems like a good idea kepping me from copletely shuting down my hpta and i might consider using a little earlier also let's say in weeks 4-5-6 in the dose mentioned above!

as for pct it is clear what i plan to do





Hi Jimo. There's a lot to take in here, man, so I may have one of the other members upbraid me for missing or mistaking something just because it's a little hard to keep track of everything. I don't have a lot of experience with certain aspects of your cycle, so I'll not be commenting upon things like aromasin or boldenone.

Couple things that jump out at me: Starting PCT too early. I believe you shouldn't be messing with anything until Week 13 when that enanthate ester will have pretty well cleared. So I would add "2" to everything from Week 11 on. Also I don't know that you'll need to run the nolva for a full 6 weeks, but then, if you don't feel fully recovered, that would be one option.

I assume the mast is the prop ester (due to your proposed injection frequency?) Most people like to keep long esters and short esters separate. I don't see any real problem with the way you have it lined up here, but it does make things a bit more complicated. Mast is a pretty nice steroid in terms of low sides and good results, so I don't see you having any problems with this.

This is certainly the kind of cycle I WOULD be running HCG with, and 250iu/E3D sounds good to me.

I also like the caber in there. Even though tren apparently does not cause prolactin issues, there are enough guys out there that experience problems directly attributable to elevated prolactin due to the trenbolone they are running. Caber is expensive, as I'm sure you know, which sucks, but I will no longer run tren without it.

Also, certainly someone is going to say it, so I'll just get it out of the way now: If you have lost a lot of mass from all of the running and poor food in the army, then using AAS immediately after you are discharged may not be the most efficient way to run a cycle. In the weeks after getting back, you should be able to make up a lot of your losses just through better diet and training and muscle memory. I would say that you will probably put on a lot of pounds pretty quickly without any anabolics at all, and to wait for a while until your natural gains start to taper off a bit before jumping on this pretty massive (and expensive looking) cycle.

Hope this helps.


nice to see you i thought i lost you for a while now!

thanks alot!

as for waiting a few weeks before starting steroids again that was my plan i was planing to make a come back for aproximately 2 months and then jump on to this mega cycle!

i have noticed that if you add up all the roids i am going to take it makes almost 2 grams a week maybe this is too much for me i think! what do you have to say?

brook mentioned caber to me about a year ago and i decided to give it a try as advised.

i am currently on at 2x0.25mg/week for 4 weeks and yes it's pretty expensive i give 13 euros for 2 weeks of caber at this dosage

i am only going to run hcg during weeks 5-6-7 i think! because that is when i believe i will need to avoid testicular atrophy!

as you can see i use test enanthate here but i told you i might use prop but due to the frequency of injecting and pain i decided not to! plus the cost of enanthate here is very small so it is really worht it!

thanks on the advice on the pct!


Wow man awesome cycle. You should gain some solid LBM, and some great strength and definition. I would like to run a cycle like this soon. Is that you in your avatar ? If it is you are huge tapering down to a small waist.
Good luck and congrats on finishing your military service.


Sergio Oliva, wink.


Jimo, yes, I think that that is quite a lot of different compounds that add up to a whole lot per week, and you probably don't need nearly that much. I personally like test/tren/dbol for four weeks followed by test/tren/mast. I use this for bulking, which I guess is considered rather unconventional, but I gain massive strength and get pretty damned big in the process while usually dropping a good bit of fat. It is my favorite combination.

Like I said, I've never tried boldenone before, nor do I know a lot about it beyond what I've read on steroid profiles, so I'm not qualified to comment on that.

If I could only do TWO, they would be test and tren. And if I could only do ONE, I would want it to be the tren (but I'd use test, of course :wink:


(I highly doubt i said you'd need to run Caber with Tren.. but anyway).

I had written a very long and helpful post - but i deleted it as i don't think it will help you - you are one who cannot be helped.

I then wrote a long but damning one.. but same story, what's the point?

So all i will say is this. You have clearly used AAS on and off over the past 4 YEARS trying to achieve something through a short-cut. I say this because your stat's after 11 years training and 4yrs juiced would be significantly better than they are if you had been able to train and eat properly in the first place.

It isn't JUST AAS knowledge you lack.. you really need to learn how to work for something. You need to train consistently and eat healthily. THEN if you feel you need them (after 4 years of on and off usage from the age of 19-20 you likely will) learn about how to use them and do so carefully and moderately.

A 2g cycle is not really necessary for someone at 5'10" and 190lbs. That is equivalent to when i was around ~170lbs. 500-750mg is ample.

You focus on the wrong things for your goals. Everything starts with 1) training and 2) nutrition. Everything.



Thanks Cortes. Never saw that photo of Serge before.


thanks for your judgment and critisism you know you are welcome even when you talk bad!



Jimo - i honestly cannot tell you more than the fact that training and diet is absolutely the first thing to sort out. There is little need for anabolics if you are not consistent in training and eating (for your goals).

You say you are only learning - after 11 years and 4 juiced, you should be at quite a level. You would still be learning, as we all are - but you should have well surpassed not only your current self, but me and many others here.

BB is hard.. one of the hard things is juggling a very disciplined lifestyle with all of life's pressures. IMO that is what separates physiques - genetics etc are secondary to effort IME.
All i am saying is if you are going to do something - DO IT! So if you want to bodybuild, then do it 100% - if not, then dont waste your money or risk your health with AAS.

Of course i dont know everything - but i made sure i understood basics before i started properly. But as someone pointed out - what you know about AAS isnt the be all and end all.. shoot 500mg once a week for 20 weeks and you'll grow.. AS LONG as there is the training and diet there!

I may be a trainer, but you should be aware that this makes it NO easier or likely that i will be in shape. It does help my career and as i am intending to compete, it obviously helps my personal goals too.. but being a trainer does not make it easier - one isnt born with experience.

I appreciate English is not your first language - but you should know that when i said you cannot be helped, that does not mean i think you should quit as you are not as good as me! lol
It means i have sent you many PM's helping you - as has cortes.. and now it comes out that you dont even train regularly. It is a joke mate.

Fine! That's all i am saying - work on the important shit first, the training and diet. THEN, after a year or two - see what you want... if you really want to be large or stronger than possible naturally - use AAS but do so with the knowledge available to you online.

I have actually put one in today, which is lighter and also not relaxed. But remind me, while i have tried many products, what am i on? 210mg Tren and 750mg Test? THATS LESS THAN YOUR CYCLE!

Actually i recently learned something that may benefit you - the reason i am using this dose is simple. i played with high doses and realised that it didn't provide more gains - just more sides and less energy - 1g test, 350mg tren, 500mg mast.. dbol.. whatever.. it doesn't matter. If your eating correctly for your goals, you are training consistently and you add just a small amount of AAS on top of that, AND if you are ready to grow that month, you will - fast.

So as you can see.. experienced or not, trainer or not, built or not (apparently not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) - i still learn things.. but i just make sure that all the ducks are in a row at the very minimum, doing everything i can to accellerate growth and wait. It works for me - or at least.. i thought it did :cry: lol!

That's my point here.



Brook, your new profile pics look great, especially compared with everything I've seen since you've come to this site. You obviously do have your shit together, and are lookin thick, mate. Nice work.

Guess I'd better get my own new pics up, as all of my "current" ones are a year old now.

Sorry Jimo, back to your thread. [/hijack]


Sorry for the continued hijack, Jimo, but nice job Brook! Dramatic difference in LBM and those delts have definitely blown up.


Yeah Brook. Get a quality photo shoot done. Your bod now merits it :wink:


Thanks peeps. I not bothered about a photo shoot really.. not till i cut for a show.. maybe before when i do a rehearsal cut.

Since i joined T-Nation 2 years ago, i have gained around 20lbs.. with an increase in fat of around 0lbs.



So after all of you hijacking in here i guess it's all right for me to do it too!






Good Job and Good Luck !!


Congratulations, Jimo. All the best to you.