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Jimmy Stewart, Dog Named Beau


Lost my dog Cyrus (hence my screen name) back in late January. He was a big white working German Shepherd, clown prince but a guardian of my home and family. He was with me from age 23 to age 36, it was a hell of a run together.

this isn't a sympathy thread though, because i was blessed and fortunate to have him so long. i do miss him though.

Anyways, if you've ever loved a dog, this is a great clip. Jimmy Stewart was the man, now we have guys like Charlie Sheen, no wonder the BB thread sucks and nobody can break the 200lb barrier :slight_smile:

Guys like Stewart and Newman were fucking men, Newman had shit when he began and made something from nothing. anyway, here is the clip. i'm resting after a surgery and home from work, i'll be back in the gym by the weekend though, no doubt.


Even Johnny had to fight some tears.

Sorry for your loss, C75.
I have 2 dogs who are up in age, and I can already see a decline in their health, so I'm not expecting 2 more years between them.


Have to admit that made me pretty teary-eyed. I lost my dog several years ago, and I still find it pretty sad to think about.


Wow. You know in todays society one of the big stars of today would be attacked for doing something like this.

OP sorry man nothing beats a good dog. My daddy always says if dogs dont go to heaven than I dont want to go either.


I don't see that at all, DJ. In fact, I see the opposite.


Your dad sounds like a wise man DJ. :wink:


I have 7 dogs and of course I don't want to think about them dying...but that's not going to be a good time for me when it happens.