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Jimmy Fallon Steroid Joke


"So yesterday USA today broke the story that Sammy Sosa tested positive for steroids in 2003. Wow, first Barry Bonds, then Alex Rodriquez, and now Sammy Sosa. I guess we know one thing for sure now, Steroids work great!"


Yep! Thank you media!


Nice, though i don't generally like Jimmy Fallon

Conan > Jimmy


There was a famous baseball pitcher from the 70's (maybe the 80's) who once said, "I never got outplayed, just out-milligrammed." I can't remember his name dammit.


Well one thing is for sure...the joke was bad but it's true. I'm not condoning his ignorance, but THEY DO WORK.



Conan > Kimmel > Letterman > Spike > that scottish man > Fallon >>>>>>>> Leno


For some reason I have never found Letterman all that funny, like his interviews though.

I like Fallon, but it might because I am a SNL fanboy.


I'd take it a step further and say:

Any comedian or comedic TV personality > Fallon

Fallon was garbage on SNL. He always broke character and would laugh during sketches. It was very annoying. Apparently some of the cast thought so as well:



Weird, we usually share a pretty common sense of humor.

On SNL i loved the Barry Gibb talk show, The Jared webcam show, Update with he and Tina, and the Boston Teens.


This is true. He's done some sketches that I've thought were funny, but something about him just bugs the hell out of me.


The interviews are why he's the best, and it's:

Letterman>Conan>Ferguson>The Others

Fallon's improved a lot quicker than Conan did when he first started. But something about Fallon makes me think he won't be a really good host even in a few years. He has too many planned segments, and he doesn't seem to have a distinctive quality that makes him different from the other hosts. He's kind of like Jimmy Kimmel, but he fares a little worse in interviews.

I liked the steroid joke though.


I agree with this hierarchy completely, although I'm not including Colbert, and would probably put John Stewart between Conan and Kimmel. Conan is the undisputed king though as far as I'm concerned.

Watching Leno is like going to a Baskin Robbins and ordering one scoop of Vanilla ice cream on a plain cone.