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Jimminy Janda Batman!

Ok, I admit it, I’m a pussy. I can’t even get 1 Janda situp. I get halfway to halfway up, and I feel like Satan himself is dragging my condemned weak ass(abs) back to hell. How the hell can I work up to at least 1 Janda situp, without buying the “Pavelizer.” Thanks for the replys. -Watts-

How do you do a Janda situp?

Just keep working at it. The first time I tried I got six, but it was fucking hard as hell!! It’s ok, you just gotta keep at it and they will come

Read the “Evolution of Ab Training” article for instructions on how to do a Janda. http://www.testosterone.net/html/body_96ab.html

To work up to one Janda, you may want to try a few negative-only movements.

no need to buy the pavelizer, even if you don’t have a partner. Simply get a bunch of pillows or something like that and put them under your knees. As long as you’re constantly flexing your hams this will work fine. Try negatives if you can’t get one yet.