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Jimers 5/3/1 Training

I’ve been at the 5/3/1 program for a while now with great progress, however because of some knee and low back issues I have had to stop and start a couple times with the squat and deadlift parts of the program. I have made awesome progress with the bench portion taking my 1RM from 320 to 375 in a little over 6 months.

I finally decided to keep track on here along with others following the same program to compare and hopefully gain more knowledge on what works best. I have made some adjustment to the program to fit my needs but the basics are pretty much here, except for any overhead pressing which I don’t do because of previous shoulder issues. I also like to use Rest/Pause for a some of my accessory work which has helped out quite a bit rather than the traditional 5 x 10.

Wednesday’s Training

Back/ Rear Delts/ Biceps

Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns - work up to R/P 180 x 10/8/6 (24)

Bent D.B. Rows (Both) - 75’s 5 x 10

Seated Rows w/ Rope Handle - 150 3 x 15

Face Pulls - 80 6 x 15

Alt. D.B. Curls - Down the rack 3 times 50 x 10/ 40 x 10/ 30 x 10


A.M. Fasted Steady State Cardio
30 min. on stationary bike


5/3/1 Box Squat
Warm up: 135 x 2 x 10 // 185 x 5
Work Sets: 205 x 5 // 235 x 5 // 275 x 7 (stopped at 7 because knee was starting to act up again.)

Close Stance Leg Press: 4 x 15 w/ 3 plates/side

superset w/

Backwards Sled Dragging: 4 Trips of 100 ft. w/ 4 plates

Leg Press Calf Raises: 3 x 25

Ya know, it’s really frustrating to try and get a leg workout in when the knee just doesn’t want to. Ever since my ACL reconstruction over a year and a half ago, my knee just doesn’t like to do any quality leg workouts, and this is especially frustrating since I was a mid-600 squatter before my surgery. And I have talked with several people who have had the same surgery with the same results I am seeing, but others came back 100% with no issues at all. Guess I am one of the lucky ones.

Good luck with your training. Are you stretching after your RP sets?

Yep, I found out from trial and error that you don’t get nearly the benefit of R/P sets without the stretch afterwards. They definetly go hand in hand with each other.


A.M. 40 min. steady state cardio
stationary bike

P.M. Chest/Shoulders/Triceps

Week #1
5/3/1 Flat Bench
Warm ups: Bar x 20 // 135 x 10 // 185 x 5
Work Sets: 225 x 5 // 255 x 5 // 290 x 10*

D.B. Press off Stability Ball
60’s x 10 // 80’s x 10 // *R/P 100’s x 10/5/4 (19)

Chest Stretch

Standing Side D.B. Raises
25’s 5 x 10 w/ 30 sec. rest between sets

Shoulder Stretch

Chinbreakers w/ EZ Curl Bar
85 x 10 // 105 x 10 // *R/P 115 x 13/8/5 (26)

Tate Presses
50’s 2 x 20

Tricep Stretch

This Workout SUCKED!!! It was 98 degrees in my garage today during my workout. I literally walked in the door and started sweating. Just another beautiful day here in lovely northern california.


Back/Rear Delts/Biceps

Wide Grip Pulldowns
135 x 10 // 150 x 10 // 165 x 10 // *R/P 195 x 10/6/4 (20)
Down Set 135 x 30

T-Bar Rows
2 plates x 10 // 3 plates x 10 // 4 plates x 8 // 5 plates x 4* //
Down set 3 plates x 12

Seated Low Rope Rows
120 x 10 // 150 x 25

Back Stretch

Seated Face Pulls
105 x 10 // 105 x 10 // *R/P 120 x 15/10/10 (35)

Shoulder Stretch

Alt. D.B. Curls
Down the Rack
50’s/40’s/30’s x 10 each // 45’s/35’s/25’s x 10 each // 40’s/30’s/20’s x 15 each

Great workout this morning, hell of a pump off of it. I didn’t have a lot of time today for the gym, so I chose the weights over cardio. It was my daughter’s 1st birthday and my wife and I had the whole day planned out. I plan to hit cardio in the morning bright and early at 4:30am then will hit the circuit later in the day.


30 min. Cardio
Stationary Bike

Circuit Workout

A1: Incline D.B. Press x 50’s x 15 reps (slow)

A2: Leg Press x 3 plates/side x 15 reps (slow)

A3: Seated D.B. Curl to Shoulder Press x 30’s x 15 reps

A4: Trap Bar Deadlift x 225 x 10 reps

Go from one exercise to the next without rest until 5 rounds are complete.
This kicked my ass pretty good today. I looked like I had jumped in a pool with all of my clothes on when I was finished. Tomorrow is a rest day thankfully.

Low Carb Day

30 min.Cardio
Stationary Bike


Been offline for a couple days, but back on track now. Yesterday was the start of my very first try with a CKD. Gonna give it a run and hopefully shed a bunch of this unwanted bodyfat. Built up from years of squatting and eating so/so. I am one of those that tends to hold onto bodyfat pretty easily and I swear to god sometimes I gain just from smelling the wrong food. I have never done a diet like this before. I am fed up with my this shit and am gonna give it hell. I am also gonna use some of the 5/3/1 program with my own little tweaks here and there along with Low Intensity Cardio while dieting. Any advise on this journey is more than welcome and very appreciated.

Here’s what I did today:

Bodyweight: 313

a.m. Cardio
40 min. on stationary bike

No weights today



5/3/1 Flat Bench
Warm ups: Bar x 20 // 135 x 10 // 185 x 3 //225 x 1
Work Sets: 240 x 3 // 275 x 3 // 305 x 8* (p.r.)

Stability Ball D.B. Press (1 min. rest periods)
80’s x 10 // 90’s x 10/10/10/9 drop to 50’s x 12

D.B. Side Raises (45 sec. rest periods))
20’s x 10/10/10/10 // 25’s x 20

Skullcrushers Lying on Floor (1 min. rest periods)
w/ EZ Curl Bar
115 x 10 wide grip // 115 x 10 narrow grip // 115 x 9 wide grip // 115 x 8 narrow grip

Tate Presses
50’s x 12/12/12

Done! 3rd day of almost no carbs( up to 30). Gonna go for about two weeks before I start the carb up process once a week (saturday’s). Suprisingly I have more energy than I expected to have right now. Eggs, Egg whites, Chicken, Tuna, Fish and some reat meat have become my best friends. I also am eating avacodoes, natural peanut butter, fish oil caps, olive oil dressing on my salads, and need to pick up some coconut oil today. Also, green veggies whenever I can mix them in, which is probably 3-4 meals a day.


A.M. 35 min. Cardio
stationary bike (h.r. 120-125 bpm)

P.M. Back/ Rear Delts/ Biceps

Wide Grip Pulldowns
120 x 10 // 135 x 10 // 150 x 10 // 165 x 10 // *R/P 195 x 11/7/6 (24)(P.R. by 4 reps)

T-Bar Rows
2 plates x 10 // 3 plates x 10 // 4 plates x 6 // 5 plates x 5*(p.r. by 1 rep) // 3 plates x 17

Seated Low Rope Rows
120 x 20*

–Stretch Back–

Seated Face Pulls on lat machine
90 x 10 // 105 x 10 // *R/P 135 x 12/8/7 (27)

–Stretch Delts–

Alt. D.B. Curls
50’s x 10 // 10 // 10 then drop to 40’s x 10 then drop to 30’s x 10

–stretch biceps–