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Jim, Would You Recommend Krypteia with Straight Bar Deadlifts?


I know your players use the trap bar, but do you think it’s feasible to run with conventional deadlifts? I don’t have consistent access to a trap bar at the moment, and that’s been the only thing giving me second thoughts as to running the program.


For what it’s worth, it worked just fine for me with conventional. Just make sure the TM is appropriate- 85% was too high for me to get through the 5x10 sets after a few weeks, but when I tried again lower it worked beautifully and I set a big PR at the end.


Yeah I figured as much. I don’t have the book handy at the moment, but I’m pretty sure you don’t have to use the FSL percentages for the BBB sets too. I’ll probably just pick the numbers on those sets (for deadlift only) that I know I can handle. I just wanted to get Jim’s take on it before I started. I have enough experience to where I know what I can handle and what changes I can make, but I know this particular program seems to be a little different than the others so I wanted to get some confirmation before I began.


Yes, you can