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Jim Wendler's Last Meet


Hey Jim, I was wondering when was your last powerlifting meet and how did you feel about it?


I think his lifts are on YouTube from it


And I think he covered how he felt about it in the intro to 5/3/1.


Have you done one since the last minute one metioned here? http://asp.elitefts.net/qa/training-logs.asp?qid=124324


The meet was fun - best part was my good friend Will Ramsey came and helped me at the meet. That was the most memorable moment for me. Anytime you can spend time with good friends and family members you actually enjoy is a good day.

Will went to Julliard and I'm trying to get him to let me "forever borrow" his custom Les Paul. He is someone Id take a bullet for and is a part of my family. So yeah - it was good because I was with my friends.


"Custom Les Paul"

God damn..


Thanks for the reply. And custom Les Paul? I'm an LP player myself and can only imagine.:wink:


Interesting. I wonder why the feet up on the bench? Would that not cause one to lose power?


He put his feet down for the lift. Watch the video.


See you soon Joey. I have the new baphomet hung in the basement and Juliet bought brand new black candles.




Haha...I am so dumb. Thanks for the reminder.:wink: