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Jim Wendler....WTF?



One of the greatest sludge experts/UofA RBs/hard drinkers/weed eaters of all time.... this saddens me.


He's a total sell-out.


what a sellout.


I guess he has a boyfriend named Will, too. So, Jim's looking impressive now a days. Glad I started his 5/3/1/.6/.2 a year ago, not so glad I didn't listen to the rest of his advice. The knees are hurting, the pants are tight, and I start wheezing after three flights of stairs. So, now his three part method.


i don't get it.


What, so a man wants to look good in some jeans? You guys are so judgmental. Did it ever occur to you that he might be striking a deal with Buckle for clothes that might propel powerlifting into america's mainstream???


Give credit where credit is due. That dude has done more for prime numbers than anybody since Riemann.

23! AHHH! There it is again!


Those jeans have been around for 200 years...all of a sudden when a picture of Jim comes up...he acts like they've kissed his Heine his whole career? Those aren't even used to cover the legs, their meant to cover the hips...HOW DO THEY WORK THE HIPS? Jim Wendler is a sellout.


The quadricep is really only one muscle. Dipshit.


And I thought I was the only one.


Well maybe if you read some of west side's literature you'd realize that the quads, deltoidiceps and the gastrocnemius tie in to what Wendler and Tate refer to as the "power hour trio". Fuck head.


what the hell is going on here?


Jim wears jeans?


Who doesnt wear jeans?


IDK, I love jeans.


Seriously, they work in every situation in which the temperature is not above 60 degrees.


See you guys don't know shit, everyone knows that jeans have no purpose you can't even fit your hands in them to get your wallet for the strip club or the keys to bike! Maybe you should read some EliteFTS articles for once and get back to me. Suggestion: Dave's article on how great it is to be big. I follow Jim Wendler (and Dave Tate) and Elitefts (mostly Iron Brothers) religiously.

Tell me how designer jeans fit into Levi's, Wrangler's, and cowboy boots? They don't. All of a sudden designer jeans becomes a fad, and we got pictures of Jim all over the place with them like he's a damn Abercrombie & Fitch model. Then what do I hear, he's married? s-e-l-l o-u-t.


It wasnt cool to have a dog until Michael Vick made them an endangered species... sellout.

Although I am a bit disgusted with the niceness of his house, hopefully its the house of the guy that owns the dog. Fine china in the background PLUS an area rug...

That rug really ties the room together...


I'm still waiting for some REAL powerlifters to come in here and comment.


Guys your not free thinking, do you think wrangler had a book when they created denim? no, they free thought. Quit seeing things with your eyes, and then believing them.