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Jim Wendler vs. Diesel Weasel


When one of the best powerlifting coaches in the world takes the time to bash you in one of his articles, I think the only thing to say is: OWNED.

Completely and utterly owned.


From the article:

Best Deadlift Hitch - I'm not sure of the web address but this video has been floating around the internet for awhile and has probably been e-mailed to you. If the lore is correct, the owner of the Most Profound Deadlift Hitch belongs to an internet character that is dubbed the "Diesel Weasel." I'm not sure if that's his given name or something that has been bestowed upon him by his internet admirers. Whatever the case, this fellow is what keeps chiropractors in business and people shaking their heads at gyms. This video is perhaps the worst form of any lift I've ever seen. Whatever could have been done poorly was done to the 10th degree. I almost admire his ability to make things worse. I'm guessing that this is a joke, but have been informed that he has several videos roaming around that showcase his ability to remain healthy even if performs an exercise that is the weight room equivalent of a car crash.


Ive heard a lot about this guy, could someone please post a link to him performing a deadlift or whatever else you guys have. Thanks


I too read that article and had a nice laugh!


Here is his infamous thread where he was given tons of good advice and didn't listen to any of it, then the thread just got ridiculous.



wow where have you guys been, there was a huge thread with even more videos than deadlifts. I believe a bench and a chinup video as well. Oh yeah, and some "one-handed farmer walks" as well.


My personal favorite (at least one of my favorites) was the phone book tear.




I pissed my pants reading that
jim wendler is def the man


Thanks gojira! That clip of the incline db press was new, I thought for sure that fucker was going to drop it on his head.


holy crap, watch the 175 log clean I thought that something disasterous was about to happen there for a second.


Sweet mother fuck, I just realized I've seen this guy compete - check out the 2005 Penn. strongest man video. I just watched at this one, gonna compete in the spring when Gary calls it the Strongest man in pittsburgh. I hope he shows up again... so I can kick his ass...

It's really tragic, he's a fairly strong guy who trains with a lot of intensity. If only he know what the fuck he was doing...



Also, I'm not sure he understands basic math, unless I'm missing something - check out the 325 deadlift for 11 video...



There could be a 35lb plate between the 2 45s, and if the other plates are 10s and the clamps each weigh 5, it should add up, I think.


Diesel Weasel...internet phenomenon!


You guys misunderstand. MR and I were talking to Jim about this last night, and he expressed nothing but admiration for DW.

He and Dave Tate discussed this in their SWIS talk, and ended up laughing -again, out of admiration.

I think Dave is trying to incorporate DW's stuff at Westside...


Wasn't there a "DieselWeasel" screen name on this site not long ago?


LOL Smartass.


That's the one and the same (see T-Nation thread linked above).



in case you can't tell that spells hilarious

I followed this guy's thread before I even signed up here. Great


dizzle will never change.

he also gotten only a little stronger in months and months of incessant balls to wall lifting.