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Jim Wendler Invades Chicago

May 19th and 20th Jim Wendler from Elite Fitness Systems will invade Chicago for a 2 day seminar. This will be an all out seminar with no subject untouched. Coaching vs. cheer leading, program design and exercise selection, training gimmicks and what they are worth, the truth about this industry, how to become a better trainer and of course lots of laughs.

Registration is $125.00 by May 10th after that it is $150.00. You can register by phone at 1-312-360-0303. The location is Phenomenal Fitness 1450 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60605. Good times for all.

sweet dont think ill be able to but man will loook into it short lil flight from Kansas City, well worth the 125



cue general panic, stampede

Sorry, but I had to do it.

Just got back from A.P.F. Jr. Nationals and some of Chicago’s local lifters will be coming to see Jim speak or just give him a hard time whatever seems to be more entertaining.

Rumor has it that Ed Coan will be coming in the afternoon also. Looks to be a big turn out.

Ok I just got off the phone with Mr. Wendler and he is jacked about coming back to Chicago. He was going to wear a long sleeve shirt as not to scare the crowd with his tattoos but my boss said no way wife beater all the way that’s not how we role here.

So this is going to be an all out seminar no subject untouched and besides special guest Ed Coan Jim is bringing an unnamed subject also. Hope to see you there.